Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Gratefully Great Weekend

Here is my weekend report:
Wednesday morning, Matt and Kelsey left Heber City around 7:00 and went to Salina and rode for cows. Kelsey loves helping, especially when she can ride horses. Kendal and I unfortunately didn't leave until around 9:00 and we got to Salina around noon. It was a fun afternoon getting ready for our big Thanksgiving Dinner. Mindy, Ellen, and I had a good time making the pies that night and we got a little silly. It was great.
Thursday morning came and everyone else showed up. There are 12 adults in the family and a few more children. It was a busy, noisy, but good time. After 20 hours of dinner preparation, 15 minutes of eating, and 3 hours of clean up, and an hour of resting, we had the grandkids decorate simple gingerbread houses.

At one point, there were 13 kids around the table at once decorating with icing and candy. Well, 12 actually decorating, I didn't let Kendal near the icing. She munched on a few candy pieces and watched all the action.

Here are a few of the Crane kids waiting for the turkey and mashed potatoes to get done. Don't they look hungry?

Wednesday night Kendal and Alissa (I think that is who it is, she is usually the one that wears pink) had a good time jumping on the top bunk. Kendal was a little too tall and couldn't get much air before hitting the ceiling. Alissa would bonk her head, Matt would make a silly noise, and then the two girls would fall down laughing. So darn cute!

Here is Kendal and Lainee, who is just a few months younger, making a joyful noise for us all to hear. They got along pretty good for a minute, until Lainee was getting so into her own playing she started to shake her head back and forth and Kendal just couldn't pass up the temptation. She got a good handful of those beautiful curls!

I thought this was funny. There were 6 kids under 4 years old crammed around a little portable DVD player screen. They couldn't watch the movie on a big TV even though there were a few of them available!

Kelsey and Alysen's masterpieces.

After the kids were done with their gingerbread houses, the ladies had their turn. See the naked one in the corner? That one is mine and that is what it still looks like! I was a little too tired to stay up and get mine done. Soon, though, I promise!

Thursday night Matt had to head back to Heber to work on Friday and Saturday, so the girls and I went over to Lyman to visit the Chappells on Friday. On the way to Lyman, I stopped in Richfield and did a little shopping. Me, shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, something I NEVER thought I would do. But it honestly wasn't too bad. I hit WalMart around 10:30 and the craziness of the 4:00 am waiting in line was long gone. I picked up a few things and I was out of there in 20 minutes.

Tori and Jared came to my parents on Friday night too, and then Saturday, Glen and Angie came over for the afternoon also. It was a good time with family and the girls even got along. That is a HUGE deal!

We shot a little skeet and had a good dinner and visit. I missed 4 out of 4. I figured that was enough wasted by me so I stopped. Matt is so good at shooting skeet, I was sorry he was missing all the fun. Tori and I were trying to use the little hand thrower that my dad had. All the guys made it look so stinking easy! Glen, Jared, and my dad could just make those pigeons soar with no effort. Tori and I had a rough time. You know when something is so funny at the time, but when you really think about it, you wonder why you almost peed your pants laughing? Well, that is what happened.

Above is Tori trying to send a pigeon off flying, and below is the result and the look of amusement on her face as she realized nothing happened from all that exertion! She and I were trying too hard and that is exactly what happened to both of us. We were laughing so hard, as were the guys, that I nearly did pee my pants. (Sorry if that completely offends someone.)

Towards the end of the box of clay pigeons, I made my dad save me some so I could try again. I finally got a few off and once I did it, I got the hang of the little 'wrist flip' and did pretty good. Tori even shot one or two of the ones I threw! I hate to admit it, but today my forearm muscle is a little tender! What a light weight, I know.

This is what Kendal thought about all the shot gun noise and here are the 3 little cuties that watched all the excitement from the old Dodge truck bed. Presley, Taylor, and Kelsey.

It was a super thankful weekend, but I am glad I am home. I have a TON of laundry to do tomorrow, but all is well. Matt and his dad went to an Angus cattle sale in Montana yesterday after work and also today. They had a good time and even bought 2 heifers. Matt has been very excited about this sale and he is due home around midnight tonight. He will be smiling because he got to look at hundreds of black cows all day. Man I love that guy!!


Anonymous said...

Darling pictures. Sweet sweet Kendal. She's sure is coming along so well! It looks like all those little cousins are going to grow up to be such good friends. I totally admire you women for doing those ginger bread houses. I have done them once and I don't know if I can handle the stress again.

When you mentioned that you guys laughed so hard you almost tinkled (or did tinkle) I have done that with my sisters so many times. Sometimes it takes family to get why things like that can be so funny. I am so proud you shot those pigions. I can hardley throw them straight, let alone shoot them. Good Job!!!! Glad to have you back. Missed ya at church and you can't leave like that again:)

Epperson Family said...

Well we are back from the weekend too. We had a fun time. Looks like you guys had a great time too! Are you reading to do gingerbread houses again?

Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend. Thanks, Rach!

Jenny said...

Rachel, you said you were a shelia, Brian's arm is still sore from the video game. I am so jealous of the clay pigeon shooting. You all look so cool out there, such good shooting stance, is that Jared and Glen? Is Glen a lefty...??? They are such manly men.
I also agree with the 20 hours of cooking, but at the rowsers it is only 10 min of eating and a lot longer cleaning because it was me, Dad and Jody most of the time. Do you really have the gingerbread house still? We are so the same and yet so different... Missed you, glad your back..


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