Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Okay, Rachel's Sophomore Year - HOORAY!!

You saw freshman year, now here is sophomore year. I don't have a lot of pictures, and the ones I have are bad, sorry.

On my way to the Harvest Ball. I got asked just a few days before the dance and I didn't have a dress to wear. My dad had to go to Richfield for work, so he went to Christensen's Department Store and got me this dress. He was so brave. He was buying for a very picky and hormonal 15 year old and I think he did alright.

A few months before I turned 16, I bought a maroon 1978 Monte Carlo with a 327 engine in it. It sounded wonderful. Everyone thought it had glass packs on it. Anyway, my brother Glen taught me the fine art of washing your vehicle with care. He washed his almost everyday after school, no joke.
This car was so cool. You didn't need a key to start it, so when I would go to watch the boys basketball game, I would park it in the parking lot in a certain place and when the game was over and me and all my friends would leave the high school to go drag main or go for cheese fries, it would be some other place. I think most of the freshmen learned to drive in my car. Most of the time they would ask me, but once in awhile they didn't. Looking back, it was a good thing there never was an accident, but 16 year olds don't think like that all the time.

The only reason I am posting this picture is to show you all my amazing sense of fashion. That sweatshirt was pink and it had ducks on it, DUCKS! I just about fell off my chair when I saw that picture the other day. By the way, we were in the library doing some sort of engineering thing. Oh yeah, and the girl in the middle of the picture, her nickname was and still is 'HAIR.' She had huge hair and was so proud of it.
I stayed in the same room as she did when we went to State Track, and she had to wake up 2 hours before the rest of us so she could do her hair! She curled every single ringlet and then somehow stuck it all up in the air. I saw her in August and she still has big hair!

This picture has a horrible story behind it and I don't want to tell you all how mean I was, so I will just skip the story and tell you that I bought this dress in Grand Junction, Colorado. What was I thinking? It was the only time I have ever worn a strapless bra. Talk about uncomfortable! I had to go to the restroom between every dance and readjust! My date, Justin was so nice. He was a good guy.

The summer after my sophomore year, I went to something called Range Camp that was held up Logan Canyon and sponsored by USU. There were 44 kids there this year and these were all the girls. We had a really fun time. I made some good good friends. Range Camp is a little plant, cattle, range, wildlife, nerd camp and competition. So, being the nerd that I am, I won. The following winter I had to go to the National Convention and Competition in Spokane and give a speech about Range Management along with a little slide show. I can still remember my entire speech, ask me the next time you see me and I will spout it off for you. It was a good time because I got to meet other nerdy cowboy kids from all over the west. It was my first out-of-state-non-mormon adventure without my parents and it was quite an eye opener for this naive little girl! I got to go back to Range Camp the following summer as a leader/helper. Man we had a blast. If anyone knows Mindy Smith or Julie Lachowski, tell them to call me!

Last one for now. My sophomore year of basketball was by far the funnest year ever. My friends and I all played the entire JV games and killed all the other teams. We would see if we could beat them by 50, that was our goal. Anyway, I got this 'Paper Caper' award at the end of the year awards banquet from my coach, Jerry Blackburn. My friend Camille got an embarrasing award too, but I can't remember what hers was for. Mine was for something I shouldn't put online, but what the heck!

We were playing in Piute and as we were warming up and shooting around, I decided I really had to go use the restroom before the game started. A girl named Andrea, the one called HAIR, had to go too. Jerry told us to hurry up or we would miss the start of the game and have to sit out. So we hustled. The Piute bathroom was a mess. We hurried and used the bathroom, and ran back out to finish warming up. We got back out on the court just in time for the buzzer that meant it was time to start. We were all in a huddle when someone saw a string of toilet paper sticking out the back of Andrea's shorts. Just then, someone spotted the 5 foot string of toilet paper hooked to my shoe!!! Holy smack, I thought our coach Jerry was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard. I can still see his head turned up, his face bright red, and his white teeth sparkling as he laughed a huge belly laugh. I just saw him the day after Thanksgiving at the IFA and we talked for a minute. He usually brings up the paper caper, but thankfully he didn't this time. Maybe he realizes after 17 years you just gotta let it go! Anyway, that plaque hung in my bedroom until I got married.

Okay people, I would love to see your amazing hair dos and dramatic acid washed pants pictures. If you don't have a blog I read, email me a few pictures for me to post of you. That would be super! Joe, I am looking forward to some baseball pants!!


Mom said...

I could hardly wait to get home from work to read your blog,,,, The tolit paper thing made me laugh so hard, i about fell off my chair. You go girl!
This is great

rachel said...

thanks mom! Do you not remember that?

Jenny said...

I think the Paper Caper needs to be up again! I love that "Mary and" got you that dress. I also have found memories of shopping at Christensen's I got some awesome flip flops there.
Someone said I knew football, you know cars, what engine was that and what did your muffler not have.... LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Where's Matt's pics and memories???

rachel said...

Matt is Friday, stay tuned for some awesome goodlookin cowboy pictures!

Tori said...

You crack me up with your pictures. I don't think that I have as much as you do from high school. I had no idea that Dad bought you that dress-he actually did pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Go Dad! Wow, who knows what my Dad would have come home with, a moo-moo?

You had your own car...I am reaping with jealisy. I have no idea about cars, but if it ran it would have been good enough for me.

Paper Craper....HAHAHAHAHA, now that was funny! I think we should hang it up in the Church Gym and see if anyone notices on Sunday. Classic!

I was wondering if you still had that sweat shirt because I would love to borrow it if you don't mind. Pink and ducks???? LOL!

A strapless bra, very uncomfortable! Wheren't those Double D's of yours big enough to hold that dress up?

Anonymous said...

Love the big white bow that draps the top of your head.

Epperson Family said...

My Mom was big on bows too, but I tried to rebel. So cool that you had your own car, I had to drive the Family Van! Only good thing about that was a lot of friends fit inside of it!

rachel said...

Oh Jonesy, that is only the beginning of the bow problem, you just wait!!
Heather, the van is way cool. A girl from home drove the van and everyone in the school called it the Grocery getter. I even rode in the grocery getter and the girl that was driving was like 4 years younger than me, and I was a junior! Why Why Why do we do dumb things??

Go check out my sisters blog. She posted some pics today. So cute.

And no, the pink duck sweatshirt does not have a lease option!!

Krista said...

The first thing Rob said when he saw your blog, was that there was a picture of a girl on there that had big hair. Pretty funny!
BTW...I promise that the high school pictures are coming. Problem is, they are all in the basement and going up and down the stairs and moving boxes is a huge problem right now. I have to wait until Rob can help me bring up the box to sort through it.

Rachel said...

Thanks Krista, i can't wait to see the old Hadfield I remember!


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