Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hooray for Junior Year

Junior year was a blast. You will see the recurrence of the huge hair bow syndrome though. I had super friends, good classes, a really fun boyfriend, I grew out of the onery-daughter stage so my parents were my friends again, and playing ball was great that year.

Preference at Wayne High is casual. I have found that most big schools have a very formal Preference. Ours was so not formal. All week long the 10 or so Pref candidates had to do silly, horrible things during assemblies and lunch periods to show the school how crazy they were. Our Pref is sponsored by the FHA so most of the tasks were how fast they could diaper a puppy dog, or how well they could clean a toilet. Crazy things like that. The best of all is the Talent Show/skits that all the guys have to do in front of the school. So stinking funny! Anyway, Brian, my boyfriend for a few years, was Most Preferred his senior year. It was a really fun dance and the whole week was such a crack up.

This is me as an Indian squaw. My friend Amber and I were in the Musical (we only did one a year!) our sophomore year and loved it, so we talked some of our friends into doing it this year. We all had a blast but they all ended up being cowboys and I wanted to be an Indian! We did 'Annie Get Your Gun' that year. I so didn't want a big part and have to do some solo, just a little part that is all, so I could go to play practice and use that as an excuse not to do my homework.

Alright folks, this picture appalls me now. Not that I am kissing my old boyfriend, but that the yearbook advisor, as in Mr. Bagley took it! I so remember the mistletoe hanging above the door of Mrs. Durfey's English classroom. Brian walked me to class, gave me a little smooch under the mistletoe, and then went to his classroom. Well, Mr. Bagley saw the exchange and asked us to pose for a picture! The nerve! I remember the first kiss had no audience but the second kiss that you see now had about 20 of my English classmates watching! Is it normal for an adult teacher to encourage that behavior in 17 year olds?

Love the thumb in the bottom corner! I spent a lot of time on the phone with Amber, Camille, Rachelle, Kami, and Brian. No cell phones then! Boy have times changed.

I was moderately smart. I usually made the honor roll and did the whole Who's Who thing, but for some reason, I sure didn't feel really smart because all my friends were total brains. Okay, not all my friends but at least my good ones!

This picture is out of the yearbook and it represents a wonderful year of volleyball. I had such a good time playing ball that year. Camille, Holly, and I were truly Queens of the Court.

This picture in the yearbook was on the same night as the one above and I had to include it to show you what a good time, goof off my friend Brian was. He and and a few of his buddies did the 'Wayne and Garth' from Wayne's World faces. It totally cracked me up. You can't see the other guys doing it because I cropped the picture to show you the cheesy grin I had.

Basketball my junior year was so fun too. Our coach, Chad was a super great guy. He made it alot of fun and we did well that year.

This was at some Luau Dance. My friends Amber and Jill, and me and Brian. Amber and Jill were roomies with me at college.

Please bear with me on the Junior Prom pictures, it was such a great night. This one above is my entire class. Aren't we so cool? Imagine your top 20 or so best friends from high school, and that is what my class was to me. We really got along great. We were a small class, most of the classes were and still are around 50 but we had 33ish in my class and most of us got along great. The teachers loved us, honestly.

Don't you love the huge dresses? This is all of us doing the promenade dance to Micheal W Smith's Place in this World song. To some city folks, it is such a shocker that parents go to Prom, along with brothers and sisters that are old enough to be potty trained. Okay, so I am kidding on that part.

More Promenade. We were matched up with the guy in our class that corresponded to our height. Check out my bow! I didn't leave home without one!

I loved my prom dress. It really made me feel like a princess.

As I was going through a photo album the other day for this week long adventure, I found this page in it. You are all going to think I am some crack pot. The hearts are salvaged foil from our decorations. Is that the lamest thing you ever heard? But I am so much worse. Last year my mom was cleaning out the attic and had me go through a couple of boxes that were mine. I had streamers in there from my prom! The worst part is that I couldn't throw them away. I brought them to Heber City and they are safe and sound in my basement at this very instant. I think I have some sentimental disease.

The other part that cracks me up about this page in my book is the Prom garter. Everyone in my class ordered one. Why? Did I even know what a garter was back then? I highly doubt it. All I knew was that it was something that all the guys had in their trucks and cars around their sun visor. It also was usually holding some picture of their girlfriend to their visor! I had my junior prom key necklace in there too. Do they even do junior prom keys anymore?


Jenny said...

1- Brian is sucking off your face... Are you wearing a dress to school?

2- you are still so smart...

3- love the high tops and rolled shorts

4- Promenade must be a Utah thing. I had never seen one until I went to the Rowser Brothers.

5 – Garter???? If the dress made you feel like a princess what did the Garter do for you?

6 – Junior prom key... WOW I am clueless

love the pic's and the bow's, I am sad that high school week is coming to an end. I might take Sat. or Sun. to do a little tribute to some of my friend and teachers that have died...

Rachel said...

Yes, he was kissing and I was not, I didn't perform well with an audience of classmates. Yes, that is a dress. Everyone had to dress up for the Christmas Tea, something I will not explain right now.

I so did not wear the garter!!!! It was all for hot Monte Carlo looks!!

Who had died?

Rachel said...

Holy smack Jonesy, look at that thick hair of mine kissing under the mistletoe!! Where were you and your scissors when I needed you back then?

Mom said...

Just a quick FYI here,,,, all thru high school, Rachel NEVER wore long pants,,,It could be 40 below 0 and she still wore shorts,,long shorts, but yes, shorts. I remember one time, we got a real big snow storm and they let all the high school kids go out to play in the snow, i took Rachel down a pair of long johns to put under her shorts.
KIDS! Ya gotta love em!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Yes they still did garter's and keys at my junior prom. I did a garter and a key chain, and I still have them. Streamers Rach? Are you kidding. You must not be too big of a sentiment, Your basement is pretty empty.

Epperson Family said...

My whole family came to my prom and we even did the parents dance thing. I'm going to have to put all my high school years in one post.
I'm glad your class got along,not mine,we all hated each other, very clickish. To this day not everyone is invited to our reunions, even some that live right here in town! Crazy Huh!

Epperson Family said...

Hey again, love how the high school tunes play on our blog while we are looking at the pictures. Way COOL!

Tori said...

The scary thing is not kissing in a picture for perverted Mr. Bagley--it's your total triangle haircut! I had to giggle to myself!!
I loved growing up where we did and all the wierd things that small towns do in high school. I wouldn't change any of it!!

Amanda lee said...

Look at you with "Most preferred" Very impressive!

THE HAIR!! Girl, you had no problem with volume and it's a perfect triangle like Tori said. I must admit, just a little....very.... creapy when that teacher asked you guys to kiss:) In my school they were so stern against showing affection anywhere on campus!

What sport didn't you play? I never had that gift. (amanda is sad)

Rachel, moderatly smart?? You were saooo smart! Good job sista! I only kept my GPA up to the least amount required for Cheerleading (which wasn't much to begin with). I would have never made it if there wasn't a standard

You dress was beautiful. I would have loved to wear a hoop skirt with a massive petticoat. That's so neat they had a prominade. Is this a Utah thing because Springville does it too? I am so you when it came to saving things like streamer. What did we think we were going to do with that stuff. For me, I saved it with intentions of showing my kids some day (that was my mommy desire stage...I wanted a baby NOW). Three years ago I went through all that stuff and finally threw it all away. I actually cried a tear, but later it felt so good to let go of some stuff. I did keep the pictures and etc, but I ended dumping 10 boxes of "streamer stuff" at the local dump. Do it Rachel, do it....let go of the foil and streamers, LOL!!!!!!

rachel said...

anonymous, I think you are Mindy, but whoever you are thanks for making me feel a little more normal with the whole garter and key thing!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE all the photos!

I've been looking for Joe's baseball pictures but they must be in the box I made him put in the attic. He is kind of a pack rat - I throw everything away. This was our compromise. Oh I just remembered his baseball team pics on the wall...I'll email them to you, because I know he won't.

Krista said...

I was wondering when we were going to see pictures of Brian P Laing. Isn't that prom picture the one you had at college?
The box of streamers cracks me up. I am a little afraid to go through some of the boxes that my mom sent over when we moved into our house. I have to wonder if I saved some weird things as well.


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