Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bowie box

Matt, the good doctor, has been wanting a Bowie Vet box for the back of his truck for a long long long time.  When we lived in Cortez, Colorado, he worked out of one and really enjoyed the convenience of it.

So, on September 10th, Matt's box was delivered from Iowa.  The stipulations were that he needed to have something to move it from the trailer to the truck with, so he borrowed his friend's tractor and boy was it exciting!

It took the Bowie guy a few hours to install it, because it has alot of bells and whistles.  Heater, cooler, 18 gallon water tank, LED lights, outlets, sprayers, and all kinds of fancy gadgets.  Matt spent the rest of the day moving all his equipment that was crammed in his little car, to the truck box.  He is pretty excited to have the space and convenience of the Bowie box.  I am excited as well, it is better than Christmas for him!  He does alot of mobile work, so this is going to be great for him.

1 comment:

Kerin said...

Great stuff!!
Our vet here in Sanpete has one similar to your hubby's. I'm not a vet, but I can imagine that they would be very handy to have!

{I'm back to blogging, and enjoying it again too :)}


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