Friday, January 02, 2009

My Little Artists

My girls painted yesterday. Kendal loves to paint and so does my Miss Creative Kelsey. I have some poster paints that have a felt-like knob on the end that Kendal can use and not make a huge mess. She loves it. I laid out some paper for the girls (the best bang for your buck - $1/yd butcher paper!) and got out the paints. Kelsey immediately went to her 'craft box' and got her very own oil pastels we got for her a while ago. We did a project in school with oil pastels and bright colored birds when they learned about the artist Frida Kahlo. She wanted to make another bird, but bigger this time around.

This is Kelsey's end result. She did a great job and the only place big enough for me to hang it in the kitchen was on the back door to the garage. So here she is with her Frida Kahlo bird. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who had huge bushy eyebrows and in The Princess Diaries when the folks come in to help 'fix' the princess, the guy names her huge eyebrows -one Frida and the other one Kahlo. So funny now that I know what they are talking about!

Kendal's poster paint mess did not make it into the photo gallery because I had to keep putting more paper over the top of her gooey creation to soak up the paint. It was a nice mess, I should have taken a picture.
After I hung Kelsey's bird on the door she kept looking at it and saying "sissa's bird, so pitty." She loved it. Kendal had been working on a Diego poster and she wanted her artwork hung on the door too, next to sissa's bird. So I hung her Diego picture on the kitchen cupboard where I usually hang Kelsey's artwork. She just glowed! She thought that it was so great to have her picture hanging up.

She keeps saying "Telsey's bird, my Diego." It is so cute to see her so proud and excited about something. As soon as her dad got home, Kendal had to show him the bird and her Diego. She is so fun. I love my two little artists.


mom said...

Nice pics,,,
Keep encouraging their creative minds,,,,so they don't grow up like me,,without a creative bone in my body.

Anonymous said...

Like Buttons said, encourage, encourage, and they will draw better than cousin Rod. Kelsey did a awesome job on the bird, and Kendals Diego is very well done also.

Tori said...

I love her bird! She definately has some talent there!


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