Sunday, December 28, 2008

2 Full Days of Matt Crane - YIPEE

We had Matt all to ourselves for 2 ENTIRE days this week. That is a HUGE deal at our house. We were all home Christmas Day and the day after Christmas without him having to go anywhere. It was a wonderful treat.

The day after Christmas was a nice clear, crisp day with Christmas Day's storm long gone. We needed to get some more wood chopped and hauled so that is what we did. Matt chopped and the girls and I hauled wood to the deck. The girls were such troupers, but after an hour Kendal keep saying "Feezing mom, feezing" so she got to go in and get warm. Her little hands were bright red ice cubes!

Last winter the trampoline was my snow gauge. I could measure how much snow we had by how far up the tramp the snow got. Last year it lacked about 2 or 3 inches from reaching the top round bar. Hopefully Mother Nature will be a little more merciful this winter!

What a wonderful little Christmas break we have had so far. Kelsey can't believe she still has one more week without school. The poor thing misses school. So does Kendal. She wore her backpack to church today hoping to go to school. We will see what this week brings us with no school and LOTS of fun gifts to play with!


Lindsay said...

Happy New Year Crane Family! I was thinking that we had alot of snow at our house, but now I have nothing to complain about! Hope you enjoy your Christmas break :)

Jenny said...

What do you want to do with the Rowsers this week???? Want to go to Alpine for new years eve?

mom said...

Dang,,,,,,,, it freezes me clear to death to look at those pics,,,,,,,HURRY UP SUMMER!!

Krista said...

Hey if you go to Alpine let us know!!!! We would love to meet up with you guys!
Looks like you got a lot more snow than us. Hope you thaw out soon!

Camille said...

Okay, I'm leaving this comment on your most recent post so you're sure to read it.....laughing my pants off at your dreams and referring to Mr. Peterson's physics class. The dreams were hilarious. Funny thing is, lately I have had sawtooth beetles, aka weevil, rumaging through my flour cupboard and pantry. That's one bug I can handle. The house in your dream sounds like a dream, how nice of Brad for wanting to buy it for me. And reading about all the bugs crawling everywhere and you referring to it like an Indiana Jones movie, I can still remember when I saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I was with you at the Wayne County Theater. Do you remember that? I still think the beetles and nasty snakes and things from that movie are disgusting, and everytime I see clips of that movie I think about you because I was with you when I first saw it. Funny, these memories that come back to us!


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