Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pass the Torch

When I tell people that we went to my sister's house in Utah County for Thanksgiving I usually get this response "Oh, well, that was good I guess. Too bad you couldn't be with all of your family." Or at least something like that. Then I have to tell them that my parents and also my brother and his family were there - we were ALL there and it WAS a great time.

Our family is a little different than others I come to realize more and more. For 30 some-odd years we had Thanksgiving at my mom's, grandma's, or an aunt's house with a lot of our extended family. Don't you think that is enough Thanksgivings for moms, grandmas, and aunts to prepare? My mom gladly passed on the torch to us and I am grateful. Actually, I think I may have TAKEN the torch from my mom! But my generation, at least myself, ought to learn how to do Thanksgiving Dinner. Why can't we learn to cook and seat a crew?

My parents have 6 grandkids, plus the one making my behind grow to a grotesquely large size. Here is the KID TABLE, minus baby Brogan. Kendal got to sit in his chair and loved it. The kids had a good time and were pretty good kids.

My dad and Kendal reading a book.

Me, with a full yam belly. It surely wasn't a turkey belly, I love the tators, yams, and stuffing way to much to waste much time on the turkey. Gimme carbs, gimme carbs!!

Tori, our wonderful and gracious hostess with sweet little Brogan. Tori and Jared did an amazing job.

My brother, Grizzly Adams, his wife Angie, and Tori. I gave him such a hard time about that beard. I was ready to tackle him and take a razor to his face, but with me in my fragile yet fat state, I am no match for my brother. Any other time I could so take my fire fighting, backpacking, chainsawing king, iron-man brother, any day. I might need Tori around for a little tag teaming though.

This is Glen trying to see just how tough Brogan really is. I wanted Brogan to grab a hold and not let go, but I think he must have been too mesmerized with the shades to grab the facial hair. Check out Matt in his turkey nap in the background. Oh, Thanksgiving!

Waylon is so nice to Kendal. While the 3 older girls were playing, he helped entertain Kendal with his CARS something game. I have no idea what his device is called, but Waylon was nice enough to change the game from WAR to CARS. What a good guy he is.
It was a fabulous Thanksgiving. Thanks Tori and Jared, it was wonderful. Even if our family is messed up, I still love them. Glen and Angie, it is your turn in 2010!! (I can spread that torch around at my own discretion!)


mom said...

I GLADLY passed the torch,, in fact i remember a few years back, when me and you were talking about this, and we used those words,,,"passing the torch."
And i got the same reaction from people when i said we were going to Tori's for Thanksgiving. They all said,"well its good you can spend it with at least one of your kids."
And i had to say, All of my kids will be there,,,,,,,and yes Tori and Jared were gracious hosts.

Jenn said...

I think that's a great idea-- but I don't know if I would ever get anyone to come when I had the "torch" because as you know Heber City is really far away. ;)

I love that you caught Matt in the "I ate too much" nap mode.

Tori said...

Well, I am glad that you all viewed me as gracious! Wow!

It did turn out really well. I think that my dishwasher is still recovering.

I LOVE that picture of Dad and Kendal! So cute.


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