Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who wants to come to physics class with me?

When I was a senior in high school, I had Mr. Petersen's physics class first period. Since there was only one physics class offered, most of my fellow senior classmates were in that class also. It was a fun class. Since physics was first hour and I seem to have some very vivid dreams, we would quite frequently be talking about our dreams the previous night while class was starting. Well, I had a few good dreams last night, so lets pretend we are in Mr. Petersen's physics class again.

Yesterday I was working on a quilt top for Baby Cha Cha, my friend's little girl named Charlee. Kendal used to call her Cha Cha, now it is Chalee, with no R. Anyway, so I was working on that yesterday, I also looked at a couple of quilting magazines yesterday evening, and right before bed I was surfing the internet looking for charm pack quilt patterns. So... the first of a few very vivid dreams last night was about fabric. It was one of those abstract dreams where not much makes sense. There were just random shapes of fabric floating around my mind trying to find somewhere to fit together, like a giant puzzle. Thankfully it was not a frustrating dream, but very blissfully fabricy. From there it turned into an applique quilting dream. This could have very easily have become a nightmare for I am not an applique fan, but for some reason appliqueing in my dreams was wonderful. The results were beautiful.

Okay, here is where it gets good. (Jones, this is for you.) Imagine Angelina Jolie in black leather pants taking out a bad guy from 400 yards on a beach. That was my next dream and I think the reason I am sharing this with you is because I looked as good as Angelina Jolie and I had on black leather pants. Like I said, it was a dream. So this was a great secret agent dream. I was in charge of finding new secret agents and putting them to the test. I had to come up with their secret missions and see if they could pull them off. The kicker of this dream is who I recruited for my secret agents- are you ready for this? My cousin Amber - she was VERY excited to become a secret agent. She was loving the excitement of it all and I think she must of liked wearing black leather pants too! My friend Brittany T who lives here in Heber City - she was very nervous, but she was good. I have to admit that her long black flowing hair looked great with her black pants too. I also TRIED to recruit my friend Krista, but in my dream she was in the hospital after having just delivered twins. My boss said I should give her a week or two to recover before I assigned her her first mission. The other great one I recruited was Julie Coleman, a cute quiet, 17 year old that lives near me. She was amazingly deadly. In my dream all 4 of us were getting on a plane headed to Mexico for their first tests as secret agents. It was an exciting dream. I was so good. I remember packing a bag for our trip and trying to think of what I would need. I was not thinking blow dryer and clean clothes, I was thinking guns and techno gadgets.
Well, so there is that dream. I thought it was great. I realize I must be hung up tight black pants because that is all that fits my 6 months pregnant body!

Another dream last night - My good friend Brad from high school wanted to surprise his wonderful wife Camille and buy a house while she was gone. I am not sure where she was gone to, but far away for awhile. Brad told me about a house that he was looking at and wanted me to come and see it. He told me "It is just a nice little house with only 3 bedrooms." I said to him "Well, does it have a basement? You can add more bedrooms if that is what you need." He replied "Yes, but there seems to be a little insect problem in the basement." I laughed and said "You can take care of a bunch of bugs pretty easily - that really isn't a problem if you like the house."
So Brad takes me to the house that is for sale that he would like to buy for my friend Camille. For some reason that is hard to explain other than it was a dream, about 5 or 6 of my friends came along with me and Brad to the house. Jen, who is house hunting was one of them. (Jen, you did not have black leather pants on, sorry!) It was a HUGE house. It was a 3 story home with a walkout basement and a great backyard. We got into the house through the backyard basement door because there was no door. It was just an open doorway. We all walked in and immediately had our breaths taken away. It was gorgeous. The furnishings were beautiful, the drapes were beautiful, the flooring was fabulous. We walked through the basement area and there were 4 kitchens. I walked up the stairs and there were 2 more kitchens and I didn't make it to the upper level because I was yelling at Brad that he needed to buy this house. 6 Kitchens? Not sure why, but everything was just so beautiful in this house. The layout was amazing and it was just a great house. When all of my friends and I got back together on the basement level, I noticed a rhinoceros beetle. Then I noticed like 50 of them. I said to Brad, "These are nasty little bugs, you HAVE to get rid of them soon or you will have a huge infestation and Camille will have weevil in every single one of her kitchens!" Just as I said that, there were bugs EVERYWHERE. It was like an Indiana Jones movie - bugs crawling everywhere. I screamed "Come on, get out!! Now! Those beetles are poisonous" just as one of my friends reached over and touched one. By this time all kinds of bugs were crawling up our legs and covered the floor. We ran for the doorway that had no door and the entire backyard was covered in bugs. That was the end of my dream and I remember thinking to myself "I have to tell Brad to tell this real estate agent to get a door!"

There was one more dream, it was early this morning right before Matt left for work and it involved me living upstairs in a little wooden cabin with a tiny wood burning stove and I was eating chocolate and oranges. That is all I remember. I think the chocolate and the oranges were my Christmas present for looking SO GOOD in my black leather pants!

Well, thanks for visiting Mr. Petersen's physics class for the day with me! Oh the memories just come flooding in when I think about that class and all of my old classmates. What good times.


mom said...

Wowowowo, I'd say VIVID!!
You have told me of dreams before,,,, but this one was wild,,,,, but I do like the black leather pants thing.
And the bugs,,,,ewwwwwwww!!

Krista said...

Urgh! Twins?! A week or two to recover?! What the heck? Please let me know when you start donning that black leather so I will have time to prepare myself for that! What a funny dream! I would love to know the significance of that one!
I love that you knew what type of bugs they were. It brings me back to a certain dream I had about fifteen (what?!) years ago involving a bug carousel.

Jenny said...

Thank you for not putting me in black leather pants! I love the bugs and your detailed knowlege of them. Twins for Krista would be awesome, but again I agree two to three weeks would not be enough time to recover. 6 kitchens, I can't keep one clean I can't imaging 6 with bugs! I just had a shiver.


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