Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

We headed to Sevier County over the weekend to get a Christmas tree - finally! Don't get me wrong, I surely didn't want my tree in right after Thanksgiving, there is no way that will EVER happen. I like to put in a tree around the 10th, that is perfect for me. My festive house is in need of the tree to finish it off. Anyway, we got a tree and played in the snow with cousins. It was a fun, COLD afternoon.

This is Kelsey and April being pulled behind the truck. Kelsey hid her face really well because it was getting frosted!

I even got on for a minute with Kelsey. She sat backwards and we faced eachother when the sun was hiding. It was so cold!

Kendal loved watching her cousins ride the sleigh from the back of the truck, and I finally talked her into getting on the sled. She loved it.

This is Kelsey and the twins, Adri and Alissa. The kids were such troupers in the cold!

Here is our tree! Hooray!! I wish the natural flocking could stay on at home! Our house sure smells good though!


emiko said...

I am glad your tree turned out for you. Hopefully next time will be a little warmer. I hope you had as much fun as Little Larry!!!

Amanda lee said...

What a fun day! The sleeding looks like a blast. I can't wait to see your tree up and all decorated!

mom said...

Damn,,,,, I get cold just lookin at your pics,,,,,the tree looks pretty tho.

Krista said...

Love the tree! And what a fun time you had getting it. Oh, what memories your girls are going to have!

Jenn said...

That is one tradition I miss. Freezing my fanny off in the Sevier Co. mountains looking for the perfect tree. One thing abou that though is I swear the tree swells up once it enter the house because I know they aren't that big on the mountain but in my house-- WOW!


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