Thursday, December 04, 2008

$60 update, what an experience!

Okay folks, I need to tell you how the $60 grocery bill goal ended up for the month of November. I went over, dang it! I spent $79.54 at my local Smiths store. Not too bad though. If I hadn't had to buy that stinking cat food I would have been much closer! But it IS winter and they are outside, so they must be fed!
I suppose $80 isn't too bad though. I didn't put much of a dent in my freezer or food storage like I anticipated. I thought I would use a lot more of the 'staples' that I have on hand. I guess I did use some of it because this is what I bought at Smiths - bread, milk, bananas, apples, tortilla chips, eggs, toothpaste, saltines, lunch meat, margarine, hamburger buns, salad roni, pepperoni, tortillas, yams, appple pie filling, salad, and a bunch more milk, bread, fruit, and eggs. I did cave in and bought some Twizzlers once. I couldn't withstand the temptation.
It was a nice little learning experience for me and my family. I make a lunch for Matt every morning that he takes to work. He said "I love that you are doing this $60 thing, but my lunches suck." Then he gave me a nice little kiss and a smile. I will see if I can upgrade those lunches now that December is here.

Another little update - I borrowed Tori's Breaking Dawn book from her when I was at her house on Thanksgiving. I read it over the weekend and I am glad I finally read it. I wanted to know what happens to Bella after I went and watched the Twilight movie. It was a good book, but not at all how I expected it to end. I am STILL a Jacob fan, he wriggled into my heart in the first book and sealed it in the third book. The fourth book just helped me like him more. So now I can get back to sewing and cleaning this house!


Jenny said...

I am so impressed! I think I will try this one month!!!! MAYBE

Tori said...

I think that its great. I don't know if I could do it though.

Krista said...

Wow! I don't think I better let Rob read this blog because he might think that anyone can do this. And as we know, you are not just anyone, you are superwoman!
Glad to hear you finished the series. I was always an Edward fan so I liked how the book ended up. I'm re-reading "Twilight" before I go and see the movie.
Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Hope you are feeling well!

brit said...

Finally, someone agrees with me about Jacob! Everyone else I talked to was 100% Edward! There was just something about Jacob--Edward was too . . .smothery and too nice to her. Jacob gave her back what she needed to not end up a spoiled brat--but then again Bella totally annoyed me in the book and movie! At the end though, the whole Jacob thing kind of freaked me out!! Good job on the $60! I am impressed!

Grama36 said...

I think that is great that you only went over that much.. Now I can give our little Branch Relief Society an up date. We were discussing storage in our combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting a couple weeks ago, and one of the things Pres. White stated is that we need to use it and not just store it. I used your experment as an example.. Thank you, and hope you don't mind being part of a lesson discussion.


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