Friday, January 23, 2009

Is she blind?

I was brave and I went to the Thrift Store here in town on Wednesday looking for a little dresser. Wednesdays are the crazy days there because they spend Monday and Tuesday closed and restock. Well, I did not find a dresser but I found an easel. Kendal was playing with one at a friend's house last week and so when I saw this one at the Thrift Store for $6.00, I bought it.

The girls have enjoyed it for the past few days. Kendal is so cute and funny about it. She will write something on the whiteboard side, usually a little tiny circle, point to it, stand back to face her audience, and say "Octoba. Octoba. Novemba. Novemba." She is the cutest little teacher ever!

My little artist Kelsey has enjoyed it very much although she informed me that I need to get some new dry erase markers.

Two weeks ago I got a letter sent home from Kendal's preschool saying that she was "unable to complete the vision screening" they did at school and that I need to take her to the county Health Department or an optometrist and have one done, fill out the form, return it, bla bla bla. So Wednesday we had our appointment at the Health Department. I was a little nervous for the whole ordeal because how in the world was Kendal going to look at a chart from 15 feet away (or whatever!) and tell the nurse that she could see it? I can barely get her to see her shoes that need to be put away!
I won't go into details for you but all I can say is that Kendal is SO VERY distractable, although how can you blame a 3 year old in a busy hallway! The nurse graciously 'passed' her after Kendal made the attempt of READING a line of pictures with apples, houses, and umbrellas in it. This was after Kendal told the lady ALL the wrong answers on the chart with E like symbols that face different ways. The nurse told Kendal to tell her what way the airplanes were flying. Kendal looked up at the ceiling and wondered where the airplanes were because those E shapes surely were NOT airplanes! She was hung up on the apples because the girl LOVES apples and she was calling almost everything apples, even though she knew better. The nurse didn't pass her for individual eyes though because the moment the nurse told her to be a pirate and hold a paper over her eye, she broke out in Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure song. Oh well.

So anyway, that evening I was telling Matt and Kelsey about our our vision screening adventure and Kelsey had a super idea.

Kelsey made a vision test for Kendal with the new chalkboard easel! She even kept making her stand on a line to read it. Kendal LOVED it and would yell out all the symbols Kelsey had drawn when she pointed to them. If only sister could have come with us to the Health Department!


ToRi and cReW said...

That is funny! Kendal has her own way of doing things and I love it!

I agree with Kendal, those E's so do NOT look like airplanes--hello Dept of Health lady!

mom said...

I bet that lady at the Health Department learned a thing or two that day.
I loved the
Octoba and Novemba things,,,,thats too cute.
And the easel thingy looks way fun.

Sarah said...

Wonderful to have a sister like that! Once sis teaches Kendal the symbols, you should take her back and have her re-tested...then you know for sure that everything is just fine. I always wondered when I failed a kid on an eye test if they just didn't know the shapes, were uncooperative, or really couldn't see it.

Camille said...

What a cute post!! I love to hear other people's stories about going to the dr because it makes me feel somewhat normal. I can just see you & Kendall in the hallway with all the distractions, you wanting her to answer the questions to pass the eye test, and her breaking out in a Dora song. I love it!! I think being a Mom is one of the most entertaining things we could ever do!!

Bednar Family said...

So cute! I'm such a UNIQUE mom I'd probably teach her the wrong words for the apple, etc just to see the look on the ladies face. (Okay so I wouldn't really do this but it does make you smile to think of a small "thank-you" for the confusing eye exam :)I know the nervous feeling though 'cause Susan didn't pass her exam but that was because they didn't have her wear her glasses when they tested her. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.

Epperson Family said...

You should have filmed Kelsey giving her the test, then you could have just showed it to the nurse and then you would be done with it! Kendal is so cute, I've never heard of the airplane thing I would have been confused too.


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