Friday, January 09, 2009


One of the good things about winter weather and being cooped up inside is that I get some magazines read. In the summer the last thing I want to do when it is so nice outside until 10 pm is sit down and read a magazine. There are FAR better things to do with your time. However, in the winter when it is dark at 5:15 pm, it does not bother me to read a magazine or two.

Wednesday here was a beautiful day. The temps were up so Kendal and I spent most of the afternoon outside scooping away drippy melting snow from the driveway, sidewalks, and deck. It was so nice, we took our coats off and Kendal played on the swing set. She could only play on a couple of higher up toys because the lower swings are still snow bound, but she loved it. While she was climbing up the naked canopy that covers the sandbox, I was daydreaming about my yard and garden. I have been getting plant and seed catalogs in the mail and I was thinking hard about what I am going to do to my yard this summer. The weather was so nice and my day dreaming was so involved I didn't notice my little monkey had climbed all the way up the metal canopy and was starting up the domes, about 2 feet over my head. She said "Yook at me momma"and woke me up thankfully.

This is a picture taken in December of said swing set and said canopy covered up by the tree on the right with Kelsey playing in the snow.

Anyway, here is a smattering of my winter bliss . . . the magazines and catalogs that get me through the 8 degree high days. By the way mom, thanks for the Ladies Home Journal subscription!

Matt gets 4 or 5 magazines a week, mostly vet magazines. Here are few of the ones he actually keeps and reads over and over and I keep picking up off the floor where he crashes at night over and over. He has memorized the cow sale ones, honestly.

I am so happy to say that I finished a sewing project. Well, I have finished a few but Baby Brogan's is so hideous that I will not take a picture of it. This one here is Baby Cha Cha's (Charlee) quilt. She was born in July and I am finally finished with it. Kendal LOVES the soft pink on the back, but she knows whose blanket it is and that it will be going away soon!

By the way, Matt told me very nicely that he does not like that 'stuff.' He told my friend Jen the same thing but not very nicely and with a few cuss words. I am glad he can give it to me softly! I suppose I have a big ol' can of TVP to sneak into a few dinners over the next year somehow!


Epperson Family said...

Where's the Fons & Porter mag? Didn't you ever buy your own, or are you still borrowing Debbie's? I the quilt for baby Charlie! It turned out so cute!

Jenny said...

Brian didn't even know it was tvp and he hates the colors of Charlee's quilts the same as he hates all the colors in my quilts. I think he just hates quilts. OH WELL. Charlee loves her blanket and we have already used it. Amazingly enough Chuck has not Chucked on it!

The Lierd's said...

hey girl!
it was good to hear from our friends way up in the mountains! haha! I love magazines! One that you might like is "Cookie". It is for moms and has a lot of fun activities and product overviews and mommy fashion tips! I love it!
Hope you guys have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh, where's the People Mag.,US Weekly, and ect....? You need a little celebrity gossip in your lives to make you appreciate little ole' Heber. I'll drop by and give you a few of my trashy gossip Mags so you can fill your mind with educational and important stuff that matters. BTW-Can you believe Deana comes back for a second round later on in the season of ‘The Bachelor”? Oh wait, you don't watch those trashy reality shows either and have absolutely no idea who or what I am talking about...never mind...I just realized I am such a loser.

Bednar Family said...

Hey Rachel- I just discovered your blog (linked from Sarah's). I love it it's so cute. You should send me your e-mail address so I can send you the permission thingy to check out our blog. Hope you're feeling well, you're such a cute pregnant chic :)

-Cherlelynn (Provost) Bednar

Talbots said...

I am right in line with Amanda Lee...I can't wait to watch the bachelor, with my husband by my side (If you can imagine!). I am going to stoop and get you a subscription to some of those other, more eventful magazines. Just so you know what's going on in the world. Did you know they elected the first black president?

Anonymous said...

Mindy, you little smartie britches, yes I know Osama Bin Laden is our president, I hear his name all the time!

please know I am kidding people


but I KNOW I am not missing ANYTHING with your 'whose gonna sleep with who" shows - I already know!


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