Tuesday, January 13, 2009


- There is not one ounce of snow or ice on my driveway today.
- My range top is the cleanest it has been in a few years (when Matt cooked dinner the other night he used the burner that had some nasty stuff in it that smelled and smoked up the whole house that I had forgotten about - I figured it was time to clean it all)
- All the snow on the south side of our roof has melted, but there is still a good 8 inches on the north side!
- Matt has the day off! Although he had to be in SLC at 9:00 and Coalville at 3:30 - we can still see him sometime between there right?
- I broke off the 5 inch thick (in some places) slab of ice from my entire front porch yesterday when it warmed up. Now it is just 1 millimeter thick and nobody can see it so they will crack their heads open. (beware if you come to visit!)
- Kendal said to me two days ago when I left the room "Tome back here yittle Missie!" Is it a good thing that she can begin to communicate so much better? Yes, it truly is.
- When I finish typing here I am going to finish quilting a tablerunner for my mom I started in July or maybe even May.
- Kelsey is sort of getting over her sock issues, the girl has major problems that she is working through each and every day with socks, including this morning.
- I made an appointment to see Kendal's neurologist in March and I actually got in!
- I am not happy to report however that my armpits are getting fat and fleshy (among other parts). Why can't I be the pregnant lady with a basketball instead of the pregnant lady that looks like a dinosaur?


Talbots said...

Because if you were the pregnant lady with the basketball, all of us dinosaurs would hate you and we don't want to hate you and god doesn't want us to hate you, so you get to settle for the dinosaur look like the rest of us. I haven't seen you in a while, so I can only comfort by saying, it's almost over!

Tori said...

You don't look like a dinosaur! I know you probably feel liekone but you are doing great!

I LOVE Kendals little sentences!

mom said...

Love Kendals words,,,,and I have not saw you in awhile either,, but i am sure you look cute.
And,,,,I STILL have sock issues,,,, it never goes away.

Epperson Family said...

You Don't look like a dinosaur, just a cute GLOWING pregnant lady.
Kendal is getting so big and grown up. Ray is so funny, Sunday after church he told me "That all his friends are big kids now, even Kendal, she can talk"
I hope you get that cute table runner finished. Lyn's quilt is really coming together.

Jenn said...

What is the story with Kelsey and socks? Have I missed a post?

Jenny said...

I love purple dino's, little missy! I love kendal too! I thought Aiden was getting over his sock thing but alas Buttons, Kelsey and Aiden will always have issues with socks!


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