Monday, January 12, 2009

We had a nice weekend here in Heber City, Utah. Saturday Matt actually got to stay in the valley! He didn't work in Roy and he didn't head south to be a cattleman. He stayed here and was a vet for 6 hours, but at least he was here, not somewhere else. After he finished his health certificates, we took the girls sledding behind the truck in the North Fields. I drove, Matt sat on the tailgate, and the girls rode.

They had a super time. It was a cold afternoon, but they loved it. I got a little crazy with my driving though and made Kendal cry. I scared her and that made me feel bad. But they still had a super time.

Sunday was nice. We used to go to church from 1 till 4, but now for 2009 we go from 11 to 2. It is SO much better! We don't waste the mornings away and we still have some day left when we get home. Sunday after church the girls and I made sugar cookies. I have been reading blogs and feeling badly about never making sugar cookies with my girls because so many of you do. Well, they turned out super delicious. So good in fact that we ate them without frosting any of them. We made about 5 dozen and there are about 8 left this morning. Yes, fatties I know. But they were seriously SO GOOD! I used a friend's recipe that I have had for awhile and I love it. Although I must admit, Kendal with a cookie cutter turned loose on a beautifully rolled out slab of dough was interesting! She was out of control! I had to contain her cookie punching because all we would have had was 5 dozen broken hearts in hundreds of pieces! The girls loved it, I loved it, and of course Matt loved it. We need to do that more often.

To top off the day, Matt made dinner. Yes, I know it was amazing. He must have been tired of waiting on me to start cooking because at 5:00 he was in the kitchen asking me where this and that was. Thanks Matty it was great!


sweetpagene said...

rachel, this is totally unrelated to your recent post (cute kids, by the way) but ben sent me this email:

you should tell cousin rachel chappell crane to stop being a goon and get them to write me. pictures are welcomed, as are all baked goods. thanks

i guess he's holding to your word about the heber hotties. what a nerd. hope you're well!

lela said...

Rachel, glad your weekend was wonderful...but then it's always wonderful if someone else cooks. BTW...I passed along two blogger awards to you. Check out my blog for details.

mom said...

Sounds like a fun, relaxing week end,,,,,And big kudos to Matt for making dinner.

Joe said...

Matt probably wanted to make sure he got something he liked instead of that Taco TVP!!! He told me that was some nasty stuff...and why would we use that stuff when we have a freezer full of beef???????

Anonymous said...

Joe, nice way to look at it, just like a man! You two are of the same mold!


Anonymous said...

OK Cousin, your Spearfish post and also your THREE MEN joke made me laugh and laugh.
Thanks for the awards, I will be passing them on.


Krista said...

What a fun weekend. I love that you were able to enjoy it with Matt. Sledding sounds like a lot of fun.

Adree said...

I'm expecting some belly shots soon!!!! PLEEEEAAASSSEE!!!


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