Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My wax paper explanation

Okay, I have calmed down. It is a miracle what a bowl of soup and some sewing will do for you! To explain the previous post -

The St. Lawrence Thrift Store has a HUGE snow and ski sale every November or so and I decided I would go to it this year. Kendal needed a good coat for playing in the snow and I knew I wouldn't have to pay too much for a nice Park City cast off Columbia coat. So Kendal and I went to the store about 1/2 hour after the sale started. There was a line. A very large line. We waited in the line for 20 minutes and moved about 8 feet. Finally a lady came out and said that the Fire Dept would not allow any more people in the building until some had exited. The building was at capacity. So we left. I went back 2 hours later and there was still a huge line. No way. My two girls and I went the next day, knowing that it had been pretty picked over, but we still went to see what deals could be had. There was no line. I didn't find too much, but Kelsey happened to find 2 pairs of ice skates that just happened to be about their sizes and for $4 I had to buy them.
So when Matt got home he was informed that he had the job to take the girls a few times this winter over to the outdoor ice rink in Midway. I love to ice skate, I once thought I was bound for the Olympics as I could jump a few sticks in the settling pond above my house. No triples though, I couldn't quite get the spinning thing down! I figured since my balance is a little off with this 4 pound bundle of sweetness bulging out of my front end I had better not actually skate with them. (one quick question though, since the baby supposedly weighs 4 pounds now, why doesn't the other 30 pounds I have gained even out that little imbalance thing, its all on my rear end?) Anyway, Matt would have to skate and I would laugh and take pictures from the side.
That was the plan, but since he is NEVER home on Saturdays when they are open in the afternoons, the girls have not been skating with their new thrift store skates. So the other night Kelsey said that you can skate with wax paper on your feet. Miss Sally went to their first grade class and read stories that day, I think this is all blamed on Sally because she must have given her the idea! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to try it. So I made the girls wax paper booties and they truly skated around the living room. I could not believe how slick the wax paper really was on the carpet. They had a super time. They both fell down hard a few times. Matt and I were laughing so hard.
Anyway, that is the wax paper post that Blogger made disappear into blogger space and that I was so irritated about that I just could not retype it all right then. By the way, don't you think Kendal's feet look like some leper or homeless person with those poor little worn out booties on?


mom said...

Wow, I never knew wax paper was that slick,,,the things kids do!!!
Anyway, I hope they get to go skating for real, very soon.

Family of ARTISTS said...

I remember the settling pond. We always went skating there with you and Glen during Christmas break. We always had a ball. And all the little snail shells we would find. It was better than going the beach at the ocean to me. I'll have to give the wax paper a shot with my kids. I'm sure the ice rink is a lot smoother and less covered with sticks. Nikki

Bednar Family said...

I love Sally. She always has so many great ideas (and patience; of course so do you-one of these days I'm going to get it down). This looks like fun. One day when I feel like being a fun and adventurous mom I'm going to steal this idea. Susan would just love it and I'm sure a few of her friends (Hannah-surprise, surprise) would love it too. Thanks for the idea I'm stealing it! lol :)


Epperson Family said...

We did this very thing for preschool last week. The boys had a blast! Now they want to do it every day.

momof6 said...

I am not a quilter and you are amazing, but my thoughts are a tan.


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