Thursday, January 15, 2009

I started this quilt top this past summer and I finally got all the borders on it yesterday. It is a cute pattern, but I wish my fabrics had more FIRE ENGINE RED in them rather than PETUNIA PINK. Who has every heard of a pink school house? Oh well, live and learn. It is a super fun pattern that uses jelly rolls (pre-packaged 2 1/2" wide strips) that goes together pretty dang nicely. Now, I have to embroider some green stems to hook the flowers to the flower box and get this baby quilted!

Today I have been busy with non-fat dry milk. Our ward is presenting a preparedness day on Saturday (one day of three planned) and I get to do powdered milk, not because I know very much (because I don't) but just because I WANT to know more. So if anyone is looking for some good ways and recipes to use their powdered milk, holler at me and I will email you a few! I made some delicious muffins today with dry milk rather than real milk and they were so good! The girls and I made quick work of quite a few of them!


mom said...

I LOVE the quilt,,,, dang, you are talented,,,,its really nice!
And the powdered milk,,,,,ewwwwwwwwwww!!!

Camille said...

Okay, I have to confess to someone out there.....and since you brought up powdered milk, it's gonna be you. So with the new year I decided I need to start rotating food storage more. So now I always keep a quart of fresh powdered milk in the fridge -- use it in all my baking and even sneak it in the kids chocolate milk and even half and half mix it with the skim milk they drink. The great thing is they can't even tell the difference. The bad thing is that I feel guilty tricking them into drinking the powdered milk. They asked me what the milk was in the quart jar -- I totally lied and told them I was trying to see if the milk would get colder if I kept it in a glass jar. So now it's known as "that cold milk". Am I a terrible mother??? Email your powdered milk recipes to me!!

Anonymous said...


Let me save you time and effort, on your presentation Saturday. Read this script.

"Welcome to Dry Milk 101. First thing you need to do mix with water. Substitute when ever a recipe asks for milk.

Could somone say the closing prayer?"

You can thank me later.

Mark Jones

Rachel said...

where were you all week while I have been fretting about this? That is all I needed, why don't you skip your fun filled family weekend and come do it for me . . . please.

Camille, you are so not a bad mom. it is a good idea. Kendal goes through the choc milk here like it is going out of style. I am going to start supplementing it with dry milk. It might slow her down a bit!
I will send you the recipes though, there are a few good ones.

Epperson Family said...

I think you did a great job today on your part of the presentation. Even Lyn is excited about the German pancake recipe

Bednar Family said...

Such a cute quilt! We weren't able to make it to the prepardness thing on Sat (we were at the cabin- pictures to come later). Please e-mail me your recipes I'd LOVE them!!!


Jenny said...

I love the "cold" milk.... that is reminding me of my TVP trick. The muffins were delicous thanks. I love your comments Mark, how come you never comment on my blog! Pink schools houses are so "Hot" and so Paris Hilton J/K. It is beautiful good work.


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