Friday, July 08, 2011

Torrey Apple Days

Matt and Kendal waiting for the Torrey Apple Days Parade to start - the best way to spend the 4th of July Weekend!

This is a fun small parade where the kids get overloaded with candy, and you get to see so many old friends that you went to school with - it is a highlight of my summer.

Me and the little man.

My sweet sis Tori and her family.

The folks in the ambulance threw this to Kelsey - it is the first time I have ever seen Ramen thrown in a parade!  She loved it, she ate it raw the next day - ewww!

Emmitt and Brogan, the cutest little boys I know!

Tori and Rachel

The grandkids thought it was great to ride in Grandma's bug.  I thought it was great - I was jealous!

After the parade, we headed to my Grandma Elaine's house and just sat around talking.  I sure enjoy my Chesnut family, they are great.  Here are some of the fellas.

Emmitt, Brogan, Kendal, and Kelsey.  This picture cracks me up - I told them to "look at the camera!"

Here are the ladies.  My sister Tori is pregnant and is the cutest pregnant lady around.  She was hot, and I felt bad, but it wasn't THAT hot!

I love this picture.  Here are the kids with their great grandma Elaine.  We had a fantastic day at Torrey Apple Days.  We went to lunch and I ate the best burger I have ever had in my life, played at the park at the carnival, visited with cousins and uncles, ate parade candy, and strolled main street with all the vendors selling their junk!

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