Sunday, December 29, 2013

My closet redo

Kelsey, my 11 year old, is my little organizer.   
Since she has been out of school for Christmas Break, she has totally reorganized and rearranged and changed and altered her own bedroom numerous times. 
Yesterday, when that got boring, she asked if she could tackle my closet.
Be grateful I didn't get a "BEFORE" photo.

 My closet is a scary place. 
Truly a disaster. 
She emptied it, all of it. 
The clothing hanging up.  The clothing, bedding, books, games, and other crap on the shelves.
The books, bags, shoes, and roping paraphernalia on the floor. 
And yes, that is a real horse leg skeleton you see as well.

This is what she did. 
It is a modern miracle.
Notice the color coordinated rainbow clothing.
She had Matt and I take an oath to continue this nice, fine, organized, orderly method for at least a month.
I am eternally grateful.
Although, she will have to reorganize soon for us, I am sure.
One thing I am embarrassed to report about and that I was also abashed to explain to Kelsey was my collection of hideous belts.  From the early 90s.
When I went school clothes shopping my Junior and Senior year of high school, all I bought was shorts. 
And they all seemed to come with their own belt.  That was just how the early 90s were.
I am very fashion challenged and I don't really know what goes with what.  Including belts.
So I wrote on the back of each belt with marker what shorts they came with, that way when my shorts went to the wash, I would know what belt to put back on them when they were nicely folded and returned to my bed by my sweet mother.
I explained this logic to Kelsey. 
She is a fashionista.  It comes natural to her.
She rolled her eyes. And laughed.
I was a little more embarrassed that I had belts from 1992, cheaply made belts to boot, than I was about my lack of fashion sense.
I would however, swallow my pride and let Kelsey in on my hideous belt secret to get my closet cleaned and reorganized any day.


Jake said...

Well done, and I think your belt system shows forward thinking and efficiencies.

Rachel said...

thank you Jake!
I like your view of my "issues."


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