Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is RACEY the right word?

Last night Kelsey and I went on a date together. We went to the Timpanogoes Valley Theater's production of Oklahoma! We had a good time together and I enjoyed the show. Kelsey enjoyed the dancing and the little rest she got on my lap during the last part of Act I. I remember Wayne High School doing Oklahoma! my senior year, the only year I wasn't in the school musical. I know I went to it though because most of my friends were in it, but I don't remember it being so, what is the word, RACEY? Kelsey said to me on our way to the car after it was over "Mom, that was such a lovey show. There was a lot of kissing and a lot of loving wasn't there?" It cracked me up. I am glad she is too young to catch all the "lovey" suggestions and jokes in the play!
Here is Kelsey during the intermission. She has a sucker in her mouth. She got to dress up a bit and enjoyed that part too. I also dressed up a little but I spared you all a picture. Be thankful, it involved a silky maternity shirt with ruffles. Be very grateful.

It was such a nice day today that we had to go outside all afternoon. Kelsey packed her and her sister a picnic lunch and ate it on the tramp. I told her that we needed to take the tramp mat off soon so I wouldn't be doing it in 3 feet of snow again (see Dec 2007 posts for photo prove). I think she wanted to enjoy the tramp while they could. Anyway, it was so cute I had to take a picture, or two.

I did some neglected yard work for a little while until my big black garbage was full and then that was my excuse to be done, although there is still quite a bit to do. Matt got home from preg checking and vaccinating 250 cows, castrating a horse, and something else I forgot about, and then we all chopped and hauled wood. Okay, we didn't all chop, just Matt did the chopping but the girls and I did the hauling and I have to say I have some very sweet, helpful, strong girls.


Jenn said...

The weather today was SO GREAT!!! When it snowed a few weeks ago I noticed your trampoline covered in snow and thought about you taking the mat off in the snow again. I thought for sure the snow was here to stay. I'm so glad we get a break! Yea!

mom said...

Glad you had a good day with the fam.
And i am sure Kelsey will see Oklahoma when she is older,, and have good memories of seeing it when she was little and with her mom.
Good job.

Family of ARTISTS said...

I remember those day of having to haul wood after dad chopped it. We had to fill the basement wood trough, and then replenish the pile by the house for the upstairs stove. I do miss it! (sigh)

*Crusan said...

you are an amazing woman!

*Crusan said...

but rach - I might like to see the silky w/ ruffle shirt!! I love how beautiful prego women are!!

acrane said...

sounds like you had fun
I love mommy daughter dates they are the best.


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