Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I learned at Goblin Valley

I have only 1 brother and 1 sister and 2 parents, but to get our families together takes some MAJOR planning. We planned a trip to Goblin Valley a month or so ago and it happened Mother's Day weekend! It was fabulous! Here are a ton of pictures and a few thoughts - things I realized but always knew.

Cousins are great friends

Give kids a rock, and they will climb it

Fences are lifesavers

Good food will bring a group together and Kelsey would rather just eat the bread

Playing ball can be fun anywhere

Kendal needs shade, the heat really gets to her

I truly enjoy the ladies of the family

When Jared has a smile on his face, watch out, he is up to no good

girls rule

My brother is tough but is truly a softy

My sis and I are so different, but the perfect pair

Smile at Grandpa and he is like pudding in your hand - he will let you get away with anything!

The grandkids like getting together
My camo pants are hideous

We are very blessed to have our little family

On our way back to my parents' home from Goblin Valley State Park, we drive through Capitol Reef National Park. There is a secret cave my dad showed us years ago that Butch Cassidy used to hide in when he stole something. The cave is perfectly hidden and he was safe from the Wayne County Sheriff (at one time my great grandpa) that was after him. We went there again.

Men, real men, are happy to give assistance to sweet little girls

Matt and my mom hate to get their feet wet - they stayed on the other side of the river with the little boys

Long pants were a good thing, shorts, not so good

Butch Cassidy 1884
carved on the side of the cave wall

As my dad told me when I was about 14 "fool's names and fool's faces always end up in public places"
That is my name I wrote on the wall when I was a teenager - I guess I didn't listen to my dad as well as I thought I did

A well hidden hideout is as good as disappearing

Early evening sun in Capitol Reef in May is intoxicating

We should get together more often

Happy Mother's Day MOM!


ToRi and cReW said...

That was a perfect post!!!

Loved it!

Love our family!

mom said...

And it was a perfect day,,,,, A perfect week end.
And a great Mother's Day present,,,,,, thanks so much the solar latern, I love it.

Jenny said...

I love learning things that you already knew! Love you and your family! Would still like to meet your brother and family! They seem to be wonderful people. Glad you were all able to get together.

Kate said...

oooo I know where that is! you put up too much info and I am going to find it!


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