Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kelsey's hygiene

Last night as I was tucking my sweet little darlings into bed and going through one more round of hugs and kisses, Kelsey and I had this short little conversation.

Kelsey: Mom, feel the very tip of my pinky finger.
(Kelsey has a nail biting problem and I thought I would be feeling a bit of a fingernail she had not indulged on during the day.)
Me: (Not feeling anything in particular.) Okay. I don't feel anything.
Kelsey: Now feel the tip of my pointer finger.
Me: Okay, I don't feel anything again.
Kelsey: Can't you feel the difference between them? One is slicker than the other. Try again mom.
Me: (Feeling both fingertips again and not feeling any difference.) I don't feel it honey, sorry.
Kelsey: Well, I just cleaned my ear out with my pinky and I think the earwax made it feel so much softer and slicker.
Me: (Nearly gagging) Kelsey, that is disgusting. Why did you make me touch it?
Kelsey: (Laughing) Good night mom.


Mom said...

Eewwww!! LOL

Emiko said...

Love It!!!!

Krista said...

Um, Yuck! But pretty funny!

Tori said...

gross Gross GROSS!! (said with a lisp)


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