Sunday, January 09, 2011

Time Marches On

For quilt guild this year, I got to plan and design the quilt project that members can participate in if they would like. My friends Cat and Shantelle helped with all the designing and the pattern writing. The theme for guild this year is TIME MARCHES ON and all year long we will be learning about quilting history along with some of the major wars the United States has been involved in over the past 235 years. Every month the members of the guild will receive a block pattern to make into their own Time Marches On quilt. Since I designed this quilt chronologically, the first center block can be either the Puritan Star or Flowers in an Urn.

I chose the Flowers in an Urn block because it was a common block used in medallion quilts during the 1700s, and I chose the Puritan Star just because of it's name. Our nation started out with the Puritans. So here are the 2 blocks. The star is more of a beginner block and and urn is a more advanced block. Throughout the year we will add to the quilt. Next month we are learning about the Revolutionary War period, so the block will go with that time period, and so on until December!

Here are my ragamuffins holding up the blocks. These center blocks are quite large as they are the center of the medallion quilt everyone will be making. I chose to make my quilts out of civil war reproduction fabrics, but the members can chose any fabric they would like.

Emmitt watched me take pictures of the girls, so he wanted to have his picture taken also. He grabbed a block and backed up against the wall. He is so cute! Then Kendal has hers upside down, we are quite the crew!
Quilt historian and fabric designer Barbara Brackman has started a new blog in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the civil war this year, and she has designed a quilt block for every week of the year. It is a great blog if you are interested in the civil war and quilting. There is a link to this blog on the right where all the blogs I visit are listed.


Jenn said...

Rachel: I've been meaning to ask you, who are Glen Chappel's parents? (I think his name was Glen?) He works for Best Vinyl(Redmond Minerals just bought that company and so I met him at the Christmas party. I talked to him because we knew each other from somewhere-- we think SUU.)Darryl thought he might know him too and wondered who his parents are-- do you know? He said he was a Wayne Co. boy.

Mom said...

The kids are darling,as are quilt squares.
Can't wait to see the end result.

Rachel said...

Glen is my bro, and also my gpa, but there are no other Glen Chappells besides that from Wayne County. My bro works for the Forest Service though. The guy you met must have had another first name . . . . who could it be?? I will lay awake tonight trying to think of it!

Mom said...

Just wondering, could it be lil George Chappell?
Jeri and Matthew's son?

Just a thought, this is baffling me too.

Anonymous said...

I wondered that too mom, George is much closer to Jenn's age and he wrestled like her bros did. That might be him. I don't know what George does for a living. Could be!


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