Monday, May 16, 2011

another weekend

Saturday morning at 4:35, Matt and Kelsey left to head south to an equine endurance ride. Matt was the veterinarian for this ride and Kelsey went with him. They had a great day together and although 4:00 am was hard for Kelsey, she was glad she went.
Kendal, Emmitt, and I went to Kendal's soccer game and then to the county-wide health and safety fair. She did a great job at her soccer game. Kendal got her face painted at the fair. She told the lady she wanted to be a puppy and it is amazing how great of a job she did! Emmitt was a little hesitant about the face painting, so he got his hands painted and was happy as a little lark.

I have been wanting to get some blood work done just to check out a few things and at the health fair they had a few free screenings. I took advantage of it - great blood pressure 69/112, I always have had nice blood pressure and then a blood glucose level of 80. I had my first ever lipid panel screening done. My total cholesterol is 129 and anything under 199 is good. All my other levels; HDL, LDL, and triglycerides were all much under the optimal levels. There is a magical number, a final ratio number and mine was 2.4 (under 4.5 is wonderful). The technician said I was the healthiest person he had tested all day and that my levels were much better than his. The fact that I had such great results made me jump for joy and feel so good. Then the technician ended with "but even obese people can have nice cholesterol levels." Yeah, pretty much killed my joy. I know I am not obese, but I am chunky, and that guy was probably thinking "Dang, that chunky lady has better levels than I do and I run 7 miles a day and haven't had a cookie in 4 years." Oh well, I guess good genetics gave me something besides bad teeth and freckled skin!!

Kelsey had her first violin recital on Sunday evening. She has been taking lessons since October and has done so very well. She played Bach's Minuet #1 for her song and did fabulous. She is a natural at a lot of things, and music seems to be one of them. We are so very proud of her, but I must say that I was EXTREMELY proud of Kendal during the recital. She sat in her chair and didn't move a muscle until it was over!

I took this picture yesterday of my little cowboy showoff daredevil. Emmitt is such a boy - not a lot of fear and all about a thrill.
By the way, the yardwork I had in mind did not get finished on Saturday. Oh well, it was a great day anyway.


Mom said...

First of all, freckles are a good thing. Second of all, you are NOT chunky, not even a teeny bit. I enter lipids all day in the computer,and yours are impressive. Keep it up. The face painting looked awesome,very,very cute.
I wish I lived closer, I would have loved the violin recital,so would Marion. She will have to play for us when we come up.

Tori said...

Ok--so first off punch the tech that did your screening! You are not chunky-- you should have told him that even skinny girls are really fat (remember your body fat % in college and how you kicked those cheerleaders butts?

Kendals face-painting is darling!
Kesley amazes me!
We really need to get our boys together to play!!!

Britney said...

That whole health fair thing CRACKED ME UP!! You are funny! By the way--never ever seen ya chunky-me on the other hand, I can kick the pants off the "skinny" girls in spinning class!! Plus--I have more padding to sit on!


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