Friday, May 06, 2011

first paid gig

My friend Amanda and I did a Victorian Era fashion presentation this past winter in Park City for my neighbor Debbie who was in charge of a sewing conference for 4H teachers and home economics teachers throughout the state (I guess it is called Family and Consumer Sciences or something now). Anyway, they loved us. We had a few interested people want us to come and do the same for them. So this past week we had an appointment to do a presentation for the national conference of FCCLA advisers that happened to be in Salt Lake City this year. Amanda had a last minute trip to Arizona to visit her parents, so I talked my sister in law Emiko to go with me and be my dress-up gal.

She had some major reservations, but honestly we had a blast. She came up to my house the night before and I tried my clothing on her, we pranced around in petticoats and corsets, and had a wonderful time. We did each other's hair which was an experience because Amanda has always done mine, but we made it work nicely I must say! We giggled in the parking garage, and while the bellman carried our things upstairs, and while we got dressed, and we just giggled the entire day.

After all kinds of business meetings, the state advisers were more than happy to take a break and enjoy our presentation. It was really fun, and we had a great group of fun ladies to chat with while I dressed Emiko up and explain the fashion, the layers, and what sewing techniques I have learned while making my own Victorian clothing. Here we are in the bathroom, after our presentation, getting ready to giggle while we take off the layers! We had a great day and I even have a few more presentations lined up, mostly for church and ladies groups, so they will not be charged money like this one was - what a treat to be paid a few dollars for a hobby you enjoy! Thanks Emiko for a memorable day and for helping me out!


Mom said...

You both lok awesome, and looks like you had a good time. Way to go!

LeEllen said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! And, I agree, you both look awesome!


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