Friday, September 09, 2011

late late back to school

The girls are back in school now and things are getting back to a schedule.  That truly means Emmitt plays farm at my feet while I sew!  YIPPEE!! 

Here is my crew at a dressing room at Kids Gap.  See the happy happy look on Kendal's face?  Yeah, she is not a shopper!  I am not either, and I must admit how happy I am about our back to school shopping - did it all in about 4 hours, 3 stores, and for about $225.

Now, here are all of us being very noisy and naughty in the dressing room for a picture.

I love shopping at the Tanger Outlets in Park City, but unfortunately, so do many many other folks!  We went during the week and it wasn't a big deal at all.  We stopped and played on the toys.  Kendal hates clowns and for some reason it didn't bother her that I was sitting next to one for this picture.  In the past she has broken down in tears when a clown comes around like in a parade or something.  Maybe she is growing up or maybe she was so taken with playing on the firetruck and bus that the clown didn't matter!

Here is my crew on a worn out sweet leather saddle.  They are so sweet.

After shopping we went to Mrs. Field's cookie place for a treat.  All the money I didn't spend on clothing was spent on a spendy little treat for each of us!

Talk about a tummy ache!  Come to find out they didn't want their cookies, they wanted my pretzels!

Here are my sweet little (big) ones on their first day of fourth grade for Kelsey and first grade for Kendal.  They are so darn cute and it is going to be a great school year I think!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Those girls are so cute! You are going to have to chase the boys away everyday!! and your little boy isn't so little anymore...what a cute little man he is!
-candace & patrick


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