Friday, September 23, 2011

Quiltfest Quilt Show

I went to the Quiltfest quilt show the other day and just generally checked things out.  I am teaching a class at Quiltfest tonight and I had to scope it all out!  Quiltfest volunteers do a wonderful fundraiser where donated baskets are silent auctioned.  They are always so fun.  When I went to look at the baskets, this is the first one I looked at.  I loved it of course.  It is a Civil War basket, with a bunch of cw books, a bunch of already made civil war era quilt blocks, a darling doll holding a picture of old Abe, and a bunch more delicious civil war things inside!  I put in a silent auction bid of $50.00 and hung up a few of our signs (very sneaky!).  When I went back an hour later the bid had already gone up - dang it!

This is the basket I put together for the one our quilt guild donated.  The Quiltfest theme this year is A Symphony of Color.  The ladies from the Heber Valley Quilt Guild donated a fat quarter of fun colored fabric and a large Symphony candy bar.  I made color copies of the Symphony wrapper, and then Kelsey folded all the fat quarters up and pinned them inside the new wrappers.  I also saw a cute Mozart journal, so of course that needed to go in there too!  I wrapped it in the required cellophane and hopefully it will bring a little money to the Utah Quilt Guild's Quiltfest.  There ended up being 24 fat quarters and 18 candy bars.

Now here are just a few of my favorite quilts I liked at the quilt show - ENJOY!

Stars in the Garden by Judy Fitzgerald of Alpine, Utah

Feathered Stars by Gail Nye of Paris, Idaho

Autumn Convergence by Marsha Chappell of Loa, Utah

No Place Like Home by Xenia Stirland of Alpine, Utah

Here is a close up - I love love love the yo yos!  I can not imagine how many are appliqued onto that darling quilt, but more than I have ever made!

Stars of Glory by Allison Babcock of Santaquin, Utah

My sweet Emmitt being very sweet and patient in the stroller, even with the GROOVY carpet!

The Lincoln Quilt (a pattern by Cody Mazuran) made by Marilyn Toone of Farmington, Utah


mom said...

I love all the quilts. But most of all I loved the basket you put together. I wish I would have inherited some of your creativity.

Tori said...

That carpet kind of has a puke factor! And did Emmitt get a buzz cute??

Also, who is Marsha Chappell?

Anywho, love the pics of all the quilts.

Jenn said...

I want the quilt with the yo yos-- I'm not implying that you should stay up until 2 AM to make one I'm just sayin'. :)


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