Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am smitten (or otherwise known as affected sharply with great feeling, very much in love, captivated, charmed, beguiled, enamored) with my little Kenna.  I can not get enough of her. 

 Maybe it is because I know she is my last infant to snuggle, my last baby to nurse, my last baby to have that is so pure and innocent.  Maybe because she depends 100% on me right now and I AM her world, or maybe it is because I know what a blessing straight from our loving Father in Heaven she is, or maybe it is because He trusts me enough to send her to me to raise.  Maybe it is because she is the sweetest and most mellow baby I have had so that makes me want her to want me!  Maybe it is because I can get her to giggle at me, and in turn melt my heart.  She brings tears to my eyes when she sees me and lights up her little face with a smile, a genuine smile just for me.  Maybe that is why I am smitten.

Whatever the reason, or all 1000 reasons, I am so thankful for my little Kenna Holland and love her deeply.  Her cheeks are the sweetest things to kiss and I take every opportunity to do so.

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Mom said...

Soooooo cute.


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