Monday, September 17, 2012

that WILD girl of mine

 Kelsey said to me Saturday "Mom, I need a new bag for school.  My other one just isn't big enough."  I nonchalantly ignored her.  Sunday after church as I was getting ready to get some sewing done she asked me "Mom, will you help me make a new bag for school?"  I could not ignore her darn it!  How could I deny my sweet Kelsey when she wants to sew?  I told her to get onto and find a pattern she liked.  After that was accomplished, I told her to look through my fabric and find some she liked.  Then we got busy.

I cut the fabric out for her and did the math (we had to increase the size of the pattern), but she did all the sewing.  It turned out fun and pretty WILD!  I was given this fabric in a fat quarter bundle and didn't know what I would ever do with it, but Kelsey did.  She is the fashionable one around here!
Kelsey wore her new bag to school today with all her binders, books, and such in it.  She loves it.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

 These two hooligans made a monster mess in my front room while Kelsey and I sewed.  Matt and the baby had a beloved Sunday afternoon nap of course!  I almost took a picture of the mess, I mean blanket, couch cushions, and pillow hut, but I couldn't let anyone witness the horror!  So here they are, looking sweet and silly.
I love Sunday afternoons at home with my crew!


Mom said...

That is one groovy bag!
Way to go, Kelsey.

Kay Ehrmantrout said...

She definitely has s sense of style. All those patterns match up pretty well.


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