Thursday, May 23, 2013

Idaho Civil War Volunteers

There was a nice little handful of us Utahans that headed north about a month ago to attend a civil war encampment near Boise, Idaho.  The Idaho Civil War Volunteers have a fantastic event the first weekend of May for area 5th graders. Thousands of 5th graders come out on Thursday and Friday to learn about life during the American Civil War.  Saturday is a public day open for anyone to attend.

The Idahoans have a fantastic artillery unit and this shows the kids watching them shoot the cannon, rather than the cannon themselves, sorry!  I just loved this shot of the kids on the hill, waiting in anticipation for the big guns.  It was wonderful!

I made many new friends and figured out that the blacksmith tent was the place to be on a cold morning.  Mr. Black and Mr. Smith (that is the their names for real!) are super great fellas and funny as funny.  I could have talked to them for hours.  Oh wait, I DID talk to them for hours!

There was of course Mr Lincoln, a favorite of everyone.  He held the attention of 5th graders very well and was great.  A super nice man to boot.

Amanda and Caleb talked about music of the time and of course played and sang a few great numbers.

The flag presentation was spectacular! 

Confederate camp life was great.  My favorite line I heard was telling the kids that hardtack was the power bar of the civil war - all the protein from the weavil living in the hardtack really made it so!

My sweet Kenna was such a good little girl.  She camped for 3 nights, chilly nights, in my tent and was such a good baby.  The kids loved her, and there were a few teenage and older reenactor girls that couldn't get enough of her.

My sweet friend Kay and little Kenna.  I love those two!

The Idaho folks were great.  What wonderful friends I made that weekend.  There will be more visits to the Boise area for me, because they are kind, sweet, and super fun folks.

The weather was perfection.  Well, the nights were sort of chilly, but the days were wonderful.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right for enjoying ourselves.

Some of the Utah crew - Austin, Caleb, Jody, and Kay.

One of the fun aspects of the Idaho Civil War Volunteer Group is the young ladies!  There were quite a few of them and they would dance for everyone off and on during the day.  They had Caleb and Amanda play for them a few times, and it was so fun to watch and listen to them.

I made a few sweet lady friends in Marie, Ricki, Kriste, Barbara, and Nancy, who I liked to call Wendy, silly me.  What fine women they are, and how sweet and accepting they were of me and all of us Utah folks.  Thanks ladies.  Kriste took a bunch of pictures, and I grabbed a few to put on here, since she is a fantastic photographer.  She captured some sweet moments for me.

Thank you Idaho, for such a great weekend and for your friendship.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rachel and the rest of "Utah" for coming! You guys are so very fun; it was one of the best Eagle Islands ever and you all were a large part of making it so!

Anonymous said...


I am a teacher in Idaho that attended last year's event. I signed my class up to attend this year's event, but cannot seem to contact anyone in charge to confirm the date and time. Would you have current contact information to someone who will respond that you'd be willing to share? My class would love to attend! Please contact me at my school 208-855-4130, I'm a 5th grade teacher, and the office will put you through.


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