Monday, May 06, 2013

spoiled rotten

I am spoiled rotten.
Last week was an incredible week for me.

 Monday and Tuesday resulted in new flooring I have been wanting for a few years.  Goodbye nasty carpet, hello beautiful wood.
 My parents came up on Wednesday and brought the sweet chicken coop my dad made over Easter weekend while we were down there.  They came to watch my kids for the rest of the week because Thursday morning I headed to Idaho.
So Thursday through Sunday, Kenna and I were able to attend a great civil war encampment where a few thousand Boise area 5th graders learned about the American Civil War.
It was a wonderful week.  I am so lucky and so blessed.  Thanks Matthew, Dad, Mom, and fantastic civil war friends.


Breanne said...

Beautiful floors! You are a lucky gal. :) Makenna looks so cute in her dress. :)

Anonymous said...

Your not spoiled at all. You so deserve that new floor. And it is so georgous.


Tiff said...

You are Blessed!! And everyone deserves special things :) That flooring is beautiful, I know you will enjoy it. And how wonderful of your dad to make you that awesome chicken coop.
You need to frame that last picture, it's adorable!
Have a lovely Mother's day.


Jenn said...

The floor looks awesome! I wondered what great project you had going on at your house-- turned out lovely. And your coop-very nice!


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