Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Fishing

Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway has a super fun pond that we have visited to feed the ducks a few times.  We always see other people fishing there.  Well, it was our turn so we all went over on a beautiful evening last week and went fishing. 

Matt spent the entire time fixing poles and hooks, and the kids spent the entire time casting and reeling.  They loved it.

Love this picture I captured of Kelsey.  It was a truly gorgeous evening.

I grew up fishing with my family often.  It seems like many Sunday or Saturday afternoons were spent near a lake on Boulder Mountain or Thousand Lake Mountain, or a creek near Fishlake.  I have such good memories of those times with my parents, my brother, my sister, and sometimes neighbors and cousins.

Kenna and I just roamed around.  She loved watching the ducks and it sort of makes me sad that she says "duck" better than she says "mom," but oh well.

I am not sure what the family outing memories my kids will have of their childhood, but hopefully they are good ones, and there are plenty of them.

I wish every evening could be spent fishing, feeding the ducks, and being together.

1 comment:

Kay Ehrmantrout said...

Wow - Kenna is getting so big. Looks like a fun family outing. Did anyone catch any fish?


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