Sunday, July 07, 2013

Kenna turned one year old!

Kenna turned one year old a few weeks ago.  Boy how the time flies!  She seemed to just grow up all of a sudden a few weeks before her birthday.  She interacted with everyone more, started chattering like crazy, sort of listened to things I would tell her to do, played with different toys more, just an overall grow up spurt.

We went out to eat at Luke's in Midway that evening.  Her brother and sister enjoyed it more than she actually did, but it was a nice family outing to celebrate her one year mark.

I know, I know, but I just love this picture!  

All day, I kept thinking thoughts like, "Okay, about now one year ago I was in labor and was sitting by the air conditioner because I thought I might actually perish"  and "Okay, about now is when I told the kids their baby sister would be born this day" and "We went to the hospital about now exactly one year ago today."  Funny how a mother's brain works.

We did the traditional MAKE A MESS cake attack.  We have done this with all our kids on their first birthday.  Kenna wasn't shy about it, but she wasn't a pig either.  The kids loved watching her and cheering her on.  They kept sneaking tastes as well!

I sure love this little girl that was added to our family.  She makes me happy and keeps me busy.  She is a true joy and now that she has the stairs mastered in our house, LIFE IS GOOD!

Happy Birthday Sweet Kenna Holland Crane

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Kay Ehrmantrout said...

Kenna is such a sweet and mellow baby. I love having her around during re-enactments.


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