Friday, September 19, 2008

Someone Stop Me!

I had about 1/2 hour yesterday in between errands so I went to the thrift store again! Thursdays are much better than Wednesdays, and I didn't know all the good things I had missed on Wednesdays, so it was wonderful. Not NEARLY as many people! Anyway, I went to see if the black plates were still there for the timeshare, of course not! So then I just mosied around and found myself once again in front of the kids Halloween costumes. There was the cutest snow fairy or whatever dress for $1.00, knowing the joy that would occur on Kelsey's face, how could I pass that up?

When Kelsey got home from school, Kendal and Kelsey broke out the dress ups. I gave Kelsey the new white dress and I did see the joy on her face that I was expecting! I love it, she is so readable. Kendal wore one of the amazing outfits I had gotten last week at the thrift store.

So my girls danced around for about an hour until I could no longer take it and then I made them get dressed and we went outside. I love September weather, it has been so nice here lately. I have to ignore the fact that when I look west and see the hills and mountains above Midway on FIRE with gorgeous leaves that fall is truly here.

One more thing, Kelsey will be so angry if she knows that I tell this, so please keep this secret! Yesterday I went to her class and taught a little art project that is called Meet the Masters. We do it every month. Her class was out to lunch recess when I got there so I started setting up - passing out papers on the desks, hanging up examples, etc. Then her class came in. She was one of the first ones in and she ran to me and threw her arms around my waist and said "Mom, oh Mom. I love you. I am so happy you are here. Oh Mom, you are the best mom ever. bla bla bla." I pryed her off of me and told her and all her class that had now gathered for the show to go sit down and we would start soon. Just then the other mom that came to help me came in. She didn't get the killer waist squeeze or even a hello from her kid.

During the project Kelsey is telling everyone that I am her mom and she is telling me "Mom, his name is Zac, Mom, that is Gissele." When we finished the art project, Kelsey of course had to give me more love and more gushing words. I see the other mom kneeling down at a desk to what I gathered was her son. He was talking to her quietly and then we left.

Is that the NORMAL difference between boys and girls? Or is my Kelsey overly dramatic? I really want to know this one!


mom said...

Those dress up clothes are awesome,,, alot cuter than the ones you girls had.
As for Kelsey and her gushiness, Rach, you are a terrific mom,,,, give yourself some credit here,, she really meant all that stuff, otherwise she would not have shown such excitment and proudness (is that a word?) that you were there, and that you are her mom.

Adree said...

Taht is one of the things I miss most about Heber it the thrift store. Peolpe always laugh at me but they haven't been there. I loved that place. I'm sure it's been good for the wallet. Even though things are a steal they do add up over time.

Tori said...

Kendals outfit made me laugh! It looks like one of my drillteam outfits from my Freshman year--just a mini version of it.

Epperson Family said...

Quit going to the thrift store without me! or could you at least buy me a costume for Bekah and Ray for Halloween. Also I think the lovy thing is a girl thing. bekah was the same way at MTM and Weston just said "Hi Mom."

Jenn said...

I've got to GO!
I think I would have bought that dress just because of the deal. I'm sure Kade and Clint would never wear it, and I know I would fit :( but what a great dress for a great deal!


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