Monday, September 08, 2008

The Timeshare

My dad has teasingly asked us for the past few years if we are going to buy into his timeshare so we will have a place to stay when we go visit him. Well, here is the timeshare.

July 4th weekend, my dad had the concrete come so Matt and Jared could help with the footings.
My dad then poured the floor walls, did all the plumbing and whatever else there is that has to be done, and put on the floor.

Labor Day is when Matt and Jared helped lay out the first string of logs on the floor for the outside walls.

This past weekend, Matt and Jared were ready for more building action, so we headed south again. My dad had put on the 5 or 6 bottom logs all the way around during the week so it would be ready to do the taller part when the boys were there.

I got to run the crane until I hit Matt in the head with the claw. After that they were a little wary of me and my crane-operator skills! He said there was blood, I feel pretty badly about that. Good thing they are all tough! Jared didn't even wear gloves! And it was so stinking hot both days!

It was a fun weekend. The guys worked nearly every second on the 'timeshare' and the ladies just hung out. We went down to Capitol Reef National Park to pick the largest load of peaches anyone had ever seen, but they were all gone! Kendal and Kelsey love going to grandma and grandpa's and they LOVED playing with baby Brogan. Kendal calls him "baby BoBo." Thanks again for taking care of us mom!


Lindsay said...

WOW!! That is a serious "timeshare" project!! How very cool that you will all have a place to stay when the family gets together.

mindy said...

I love the crane operator incident. Don't feel bad, even with a showing of blood, Crane's have tough heads. I am sure there wasn't any damage. Looks like fun.

Epperson Family said...

That timeshare is going to be so cool. You should have someone take a picture of you running that Crane,It would have been cool!

LeEllen said...

WOW....Bob and I are planning to build a log home in you think your dad will contract out??? What about the work crew; we could use a good crane operator?

Grama36 said...

Looks like that timeshare is going to be ready in no time. When I saw it last there were no logs up. I think that is a great idea. Can't wait to see it all finished.

Anonymous said...

Hey rachel, where did the house go? I would love to see what your dad is up to now.


Camille said...

Hey, where is this awesome timeshare located? Just curious!


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