Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Real World

Many of you know that we don't have a TV with ANY channels, we have a TV for movies. I don't listen to anything on the radio but KTMP AM 1340, the local station that plays old country music. I do have the internet obviously, but I don't set aside a lot of time to just browse the news headlines. So I am pretty much in my own little world, and I LOVE IT!

Last week I went to Ogden for a huge Quilt Festival. I took classes, shopped the vendors, made new friends, went to the quilt show, etc. Ogden is about an hour and 15 minutes away and once I get a little past Park City, my beloved KTMP is gone. I have to listen real radio stations after that! So I scanned some channels and found some more music and VERY annoying commercials! How do you folks stand those high pitched, fast talking men trying to sell you a car or a great mortgage rate? Plus you know they are wearing a horrible purple and green pin striped suit that just puts the icing on the nasty cake!

Anyway, I was coming home on of those nights last week around 11:00 and I was listening to KSL news radio. The two guys were discussing what to do with a crack case lady who stole her crack baby from the hospital and drove for a few days and ended up in Tennessee. It kept me awake, although it bothered me too. When they had beat that drum to death, I had to change the channel or would have fallen dead asleep. I found some really loud horrible music that I could only understand every 5th word and kept it on that station for 20 minutes until I could get my beloved KTMP. Matt says I am too sheltered.

Last night the girls and I had to meet Matt in Wanship, 35 miles away, on his way home from work to trade cars so he could go fix some poor old horse there (vet supplies were in the other car). I listened to KSL again about the Bail Out Fall Out. Fortunately, I knew about the bail out thing but I hadn't realized that the Dow had dropped 777 points that day, the largest drop EVER until our little drive. So I listened to all they had to say about that. I listened to how Citi Bank or whomever is saving a bunch of HUGE companies from complete death. I remember a few weeks ago Matt asked me how much money we had in our Washington Mutual account and he told me they were on their way under.

This morning Matt and I dropped the girls off at school and headed up on the mountain for another load of firewood. We were discussing things - we are opening another IRA with New York Life this week, he asked how our finances with Northwestern Mutual were doing, the bail out, how Kelsey got student of the month, how Kendal can say the days of the week, what a nutcase teacher she has, how our finances were doing generally, what was for dinner tonight, you know, boring married people stuff. I made some comment about something and Matt said, "Not in the real world Rachel." I said something like "In MY real world that would work, but nobody seems to care about MY real world. If I ran the world things would be a whole lot more simple!" He laughed and laughed.

I really enjoy my simple life, actually I bask in it.


Jenn said...

You've got my vote in Nov.!

*Crusan said...

WOMAN...you CRACK me up!! I just feel like you are like the Dex commercial...you knowhow the guy in the tie is just plopped right up there on the desk? (no TV...sorry...) anyway, I love reading your blog...It's just like you're here! You are one funny lady!

By the way...how much do you want for your rug that doesn't match your NEW COUCH???


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