Wednesday, October 01, 2008

True Blue Auctioneers

There were a few of you that asked me about that amazing auction I went to and came home with 4 Avalanches full of goods. Well, the nice, sweaty, toothless guy that helped us load some of the stuff gave me a business card and here is the website that it has on it:

Happy Bidding!


*Crusan said...

well I'd like to go to the buy the RUG that doesn't match your new couch.
Do I hear a $10 --- $15 --- SOLD....Hey rachel, Is that rug for SALE??? I'm tellin ya - I NEED IT!

Rachel said...

you are cracking me up Crusan! I actually have 2 of those rugs and they are so going in the other room where all the EXTRA furniture is piled up higher than my head -as soon as it clears out! So sorry, I did get them for a screaming deal at Ross though!

Did you find another fun place to live?

Krista said...

Thanks Rach. Rob is all over the furniture manufacturing one.

The Lierd's said...

hey rachel! how are you?? amanda told me you had a blog! i am finally figuring out of of this bloggint stuff, but it still takes me 5 hours to get up a 5 word post!! haha! well it is good to see you guys! you have a great blog!! i wish i had the time to keep mine as cute as yours and amandas! (and the skill!) hope you guys are doing well! are you still trying to sell your house?


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