Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Early Out

Our school district has 'early out Mondays.' The kids in all the schools get out an hour earlier than usual. I know, why not on Friday? But I didn't make the rules.
So on Monday, I decided that I would do something fun with my girls when Kelsey got home from school. We haven't been to the duck pond in Midway all summer, so we headed over there with a few rolls of saltine crackers. I was out of bread, I hope we don't give the ducks high blood pressure with all the salt!

When we got there, Kendal was dead asleep. The poor girl was so tired. We let her sleep for about 20 minutes and then Kelsey said "Mom, we can not let Kendal miss feeding the ducks. She would love it and I would feel bad if she missed this." So I went and woke up our little sleeping beauty.

Kelsey had already fed them one entire column of crackers, and we had eaten over 1/2 of the other one on the way over to Midway, so Kendal didn't get to throw very many crackers into the water. Kelsey made sure to break up the crackers for Kendal so they would last longer.

The girls loved playing with the ducks. Kendal was so cute, I am glad we woke her up so she wouldn't miss the fun. Kelsey is such a good big sister, sometimes. I have to add that because she can be a horribly mean big sister too.

We spent about an hour at the duck pond and we enjoyed the nice fall weather. I need to do more easy, fun things with my girls. Your suggestions are welcome!


Family of ARTISTS said...

The kids down here on the Sevier get their early out days on Friday @ 1:00 and then their home for three days. I don't have any ideas for you to do with the girls other than maybe take them on nature walks around your area.

Tori said...

I don't know who else was a big sister like that?!

There is not a lot of time left for outside options. Snow is going to fly soon--like this weekend!!

mom said...

It does look like they had alot of fun,,,,and yeah, it was a good thing to wake Kendal up.
When all the leaves fall,,, you could go looking for different colored leaves???

Krista said...

What cute pictures! How fun to go to the duck pond. You're such a good mom! What a nice big sister Kelsey is to make sure Kendal didn't miss that fun opportunity.
If you get any good ideas, let me know! I'm always open to new ideas!

Jenny said...

I have a good idea. Call your friend jen and go up on the mountain and haul so more wood!!!!


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