Monday, October 13, 2008


During the last week of September, my sweet mom came up to Heber City and stayed for a few days so I could go to some of the Utah Quilt Guild's Quiltfest in Ogden. My mom took care of my kids and home, cooked them food, gave them baths, got them to school and home again, and read Dora books for 5 hours straight to Kendal, not to mention hide and seek with Kelsey. She is a trooper! Thanks mom! While she was taking care of my kids and home, I was taking a few fun classes to learn new techniques for piecing quilts together.

One class I took was on Bargello quilts. I had to bring 10 to 20 fat quarters (1/4 yard) to cut up and sew back together. I chose blues, browns, and creams. It was a fun class, but of course I didn't get ANYWHERE near finished! I did get one 'loop' made and here it is.

I get to make 2 more of these loops in the exact fabric order as this one. This picture is for my Biggest Loser friends, look at how much weight I have lost! The irritated face is for Jones, Brian, and Tori - who so far are the biggest losers and have lost a grundle of weight. Nice word!

So after I make 2 more of these loops, I cut them up into lengthwise skinny strips, stagger them a bit, and sew them all back together again to make something that looks like this!

These 2 pictures are quilts my teacher made, the pretty purplish one and the FIRE one! She was not happy about this picture, but thanks Jill Cox for letting me take it! She is the Utah Quilt Guild president this year and she was super nice.

The other class I took at Quiltfest was called 'Stars Across the Prairie.' I had a few more instructions on what fabric to buy for this one. Thanks Jen for going fabric shopping with me, you are a saint. I needed 28ish fabrics that depicted a landscape I wanted to portray. HA!

So, here is my amazing landscape fabrics. Can't you just see the landscape bursting through?!?! So I went from these strips to this - a prairie braid. I did get a little more finished in this class, probably about 2/3 of the way done.

I get to finish 5 more of these prairie braids with the same fabric order, sew them all together, piece in a few stars and then I will get -' Stars Across Thousand Lake' or maybe 'Stars Across Fishlake Mtn.' I haven't decided yet. It should look a little like the one below which is 'Stars Across the Desert.'

This is my other wild and fun teacher and her take on Stars Across Southern Utah somewhere. Wish me luck and if you see the faint glowing light on in my sewing/computer room at night, instant message me and tell me to get off the computer and get sewing!


mom said...

Looks like a fun project for you, and I enjoyed the kids,,, just that my weird feet would not let me play hide and seek,,,,, Kelsey had a hard time understanding that,,, but we did have fun.

Jenn said...

You're so talented. So I'm looking at that loop going, 'How the heck do you make a quilt out of a LOOP?!.

Cousin Sharon from SD said...

Oh, the "long ago" days of being a stay at home mom. I remember being able to start (and finish) sewing projects. I am now into woodworking! Too bad my 40+ hr a week job gets in the way. Your family is very lucky to have you.

*Crusan said...

You are just an amazing quilter....and might I add, an amazing gardener! I saw you out there dirty girl!! Love your guts!

Camille said...

Man, those quilts are amazing!! I too am wondering how the heck you make a quilt out of a loop -=- I think that must be for really fancy quilters who may have been doing this for awhile. What a talent you have! BTW -- I love the word 'grundle'. My family always jokes about it because Rustin and Jason Grundy used to say it all the time to my brothers.

acrane said...

looks so fun
did you find enough friend to do the i spy quilt with tha t sounds fun let me know.

Meliser said...

Lucky. It seems to me that you must have quiltfest going on everyday at your home. I am really enjoying living vicariously through you and all of your quilts. Way to go!

ourhaskellfamily said...

From the pieces, it looks like the quilts are going to be so pretty. That is so fun that your mom will give you a break and that you get to spend time doing something you love!

Krista said...

The colors are so fun! I too am curious to see how you make a quilt out of the loop. Can't wait to see the finished projects!
And yay for your mom that will come and stay with your girls. Mom's are the best!


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