Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This cute catalog came in the mail last week. It is an AMERICAN GIRL catalog. I am somewhat new to AG, but I do know what they are - they are cute fun expensive dolls. My girls have been scouring this book and thankfully my friend Jen brought hers over so the girls would not have to share. They can sit on the couch TOGETHER and look at the dolls without arguing, hitting, squealing, etc.

Kelsey has gone through the entire book and has shown me the 27 dolls she would like, but she has narrowed herself down to this one, Julie the hippie. The AMERICAN GIRL dolls are super cute and fun and they have historical dolls and fun books to learn about different time periods and how girls lived then. Julie happens to be from 1974. I think she picked this doll because of her long blond hair and the hat!

Here is the kicker - these cute fun dolls are $100! One hundred dollars. They are super cute, but 100 hundred dollars?!?!? Kelsey asked me if she could get one for Christmas, changed her mind and said, "or tomorrow, I am not sure if I can wait!" I am not a complete tight wad, but yes, a little bit of a tight wad. Okay, I admit it, a major tight wad. I spent about $100 on both of my girls together last year for Christmas!!

When Kelsey had her search narrowed down to about 4 dolls, I said to her "Kelsey, I don't think you are going to get all 4 dolls. They cost a lot of money and so 4 dolls is a whole lot of money. I know you know how much 100 is, and that is how much these cute dolls cost." She got a reference point for toy prices as she proceeded to ask me how much this costs and how much that costs and how much her Leapster cost etc etc. So then she was super sweet to me and said "I was going to ask Santa for some new arrows for my bow and arrow, but maybe I will ask him for an AMERICAN GIRL doll and you can get me the arrows so you don't have to spend so much money. Santa has lots of money."
How should I have responded to that? I wanted to start crying. I don't know if I felt worse about her being so sweet and considerate of my wallet, or if I feel badly for making her realize money doesn't grow on trees, or if she thought that she was not worth a 100 dollar doll. I wanted to take back my entire conversation about how much those stupid dolls cost just so she would have her money innocence back. But then, don't kids need to learn about money and that things cost money? See, I am rationalizing here.
Anyway, I talked to Matt yesterday about AMERICAN GIRL dolls and he thought it was funny! I wanted to hurt him. I have been so torn up about the conversation Kelsey and I had and feeling badly for making her think in dollar signs and he thought it was sweet and funny. It was sweet, Kelsey is a sweet girl. So I said to Matt, "What should we do? She really wants one for Christmas." You know what he said? "Well then, get one, but not the hippie."

This is another one of the dolls Kelsey likes. Her name is Molly and her era is 1944, so she grew up during World War II. See, they are cute dolls and imagine what she would learn and how much more she would understand by reading Molly's books about growing up during the war, having rationed gasoline, searching for scrap metal on the roadside, Victory Gardens, etc. These dolls are truly a good thing, but why so much stinking money?!?!


Diantha said...

Hey Rachel,
They have similar looking dolls at Target (not AG, but similar) for a lot less. They are called Our Generation and they run $22-40. We got one of these for Maren a few years ago because we didn't feel she was ready for an AG doll. Check them out online

Brad and Natalia said...

Hey Rachel-
Hope you don't mind me peeping at your blog. I just read this and I have to tell you. When I was growing up I wanted an AG Doll so bad, but never got one. I read all the books, knew everything about all the dolls (there were only 5 back then.) Anyways, last year for Christmas my sweet husband gave me the doll for 2007, the year our first child was born. Her name is Niki and she loves animals. Anywas he was so proud that he had boughten me this doll but I had to leave her and all of the accessories in the box because I now understand the value of money and I'm not touching that doll... It only took about twenty years to learn:) anyways it's a really cute doll but they are super expensive.

mom said...

Actually, the hippie one is dang cute,,,,,,,(just my opinion)

Ashley said...

Toys R'Us has Madame Alexander dolls for around $30 and my girls both have one and call them AG dolls. The AG clothes fit these other dolls, and I think they are every bit at cute. Call me if you want to come a see them. Also, Costco has miniature AG dolls with the books that are cute and not quite so pricey, but when I say miniature I mean like 6 inches tall!
Ashley Wall

*Crusan said...


acrane said...
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Krista said...

Just wait until you have to start accessorizing them!!!! Anna received a small one for Christmas from her Grandma Cloward last year (I think it is one of the twins...They are smaller and a little bit cheaper. Grandma had four granddaughters around the same age so she bought two sets of twins.). We have looked into getting outfits and stuff for her and it is so crazy expensive. My nieces are huge into it and even got a trip to visit the AG place in California and have their hair done and see the shows. I totally agree with you that $100 is a lot for a doll. Good luck with everything. And just my opinion, but I think the hippie is way cute!
One more thing, I love how considerate Kelsey is. She seems to have such a tender heart!

Jenn said...

Those dolls were big when I was in early middle school. There were only like 5 different dolls at that time. I remember there were a few girls who had the dolls and all kinds of her accessories. I remember my mom saying, "Those girls have all those things plus the doll. Her parents must have struck gold somewhere."

Tacey said...

I understand completely!! Taylor is wanting one for Christmas as well. Dustin says go for it but I would rather go for the cheaper versions too!! Life!! :)

Jenny said...

I had some great comment until I read about Jenn and Natalia wanting them as kids and all I can think of now is how DANG OLD I AM. Hey hippy girl and I were born around the same time, maybe I could make a doll like me and write a book!!!! I will sell it to you for $50.

Misty said...

That's a precious real-life blog. Here's my two cents....just in case you wanted them. THere's nothing wrong with the money talk. The fact is, that $100 for a doll is a lot. Of course your little girl is worth it, but wouldn't she be just fine with another doll that didn't cost that much. Honestly when she sees her Christmas things do you think she'll say, "oh I don't like that doll, it's not the one I picked from the book"? You can get the best of both worlds. She knows it's a nice doll that COULD"VE cost $100 dollars and she IS worth it, and that because it didn't (which she doesn't know) you can tell her that mommy didn't have to spend that much and so there's even a couple more things besides the doll. Happy parenting trails to you :o)
P.S. They are really cute dolls in real life. Maybe if you did get one that was quality, taught something, and was more real life then as a youngster Kelsey would want to take extra special care of her and that's how she can also learn kindness and responsibility (in case she doesn't have those down yet)
What do I know? I never ever got a doll that was nice or new and I think the money lesson served me well. Good Luck


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