Saturday, October 11, 2008

We are done!

We went on our last firewood getting trip this week. Tuesday Matt and I did two loads again and we meant to go out and get another load today, but since it SNOWED we didn't. Our firewood permit expires October 15th, so I guess we are officially finished. I hope our wood pile gets us through the winter!

We have enjoyed going out together as a little family to get firewood. It has been a good opportunity to teach these sweet girls that sometimes you do things that you don't necessarily want to and you still continue to live through it! Also that you can have fun while you work. The mountains have been so pretty this fall and we have enjoyed our time in the mountains very much.


Epperson Family said...

We will have to play a get together so we all can enjoy your nice warm fire!

Tori said...

Yea for firewood!! Love the smell! I am still so jealous that I don't have a fireplace. BTW-- yours looks so gaood.


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