Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lighter Later

A few days ago I was just browsing through my picture files and I came across SUMMER! Here are a few of the pictures I saw. Oh how it made my little heart ache for sunshine and sprinklers and flowers and warmth and late evenings outside and on and on and on.

It even made me think mowing the lawn was a good idea! Imagine that!

Then I noticed yesterday how light it is later. Does that make sense? I used to take Kelsey to ceramics at 5:15 in Nov and Dec and it was pretty much dark. Now I look outside and it is not dark until after 6:15. It is so glorious! And this morning, when Matt left for work at 6:30, I noticed it was NOT pitch black outside. There was already a touch of light out there and by 7:00, it was a perfectly pretty morning. I love it love it love it. The time change is coming soon too . . . hooray!

Here's to February and welcome June!


thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

Amen to lighter longer days. I can't wait for spring either, and the new babies that spring will bring between you and Wendy will be
great. Tell Kelsey I wish her a belated happy birthday.

mom said...

Yeah, I have been monitoring the light thing too,,, its way exciting. And even been longing to do some lawn mowing myself,,,,,soooo, with the best lisp I can muster,I say....."YAYAYAYA, HURRY UP SUMMER,,,,AND ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS THAT COME WITH IT"

Tori said...

I am sooooo with you on that one! It was nice, this morning I actually had to wear my sunglasses while driving to work this morning--how glorious is that!
I can't wait to get out in the yard this summer with Brogan and watch his toes curl in the grass.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that it is getting lighter. I thought I was the only one around me that gets butterflies when I look out and see that the sun is still up at 6pm. Living in Utah makes you appreciate the summers a lot more. I love looking at your past pictures. I knew you in all of them, but we weren't "friends" yet. Glad we a friends now. I missed out on a lot in your life and now I am here to STAY and can continue to stalk you. Hope your feeling well! I was going to bring you by some Italian soup from the Train Station but they didn't have it today. Next time!

Camille said...

I just caught up on your past few weeks of blogging, again getting some good chuckles. You write the funniest things. I loved your chimney story & glad you didn't burn your house down, too. Kelsey looks like she had a great birthday -- what a sweet girl. Kendal's diaper changing is awesome!! And guess what -- if you ever want a little spring or summer in the middle of winter, just head on down to visit me!! It would be a glorious time!!

ourhaskellfamily said...

We all have spring fever too. can't wait to get outside!!!

Krista said...

I also love that it is staying lighter for longer. Rob thinks it is great that it is still light outside by the time he gets home from work.
Love the old pictures. Your girls look so little!
Hope the pregnancy is still treating you well. When is your due date?


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