Friday, February 06, 2009

Matt has been in Logan for the past 2 days at a class called LIVESTOCK VITAMINS AND MINERALS PROGRAM. Sounds interesting doesn't it? Anyway, he just got home and now he and the girls are wrestling and screaming and I have retreated to the computer room. He is headed south tomorrow and Kendal thinks she is going with him to work cows. I think she will be in the way and have her little heart broken when she can't go.

I did dishes the old fashioned way tonight. Old fashioned meaning actually using the sink and such, not sand and a river bed. Last night when I got home from quilt guild the baby sitter had my sweet ones in bed and asleep. I started the dishwasher and then got on the computer and did a few other things before I went to bed. Luckily I checked on that dang dishwasher before I did go to bed and holy smokes. I had a puddle of water about 10 feet long, running under the fridge, and it made it all the way to the back door. Dang thing! We just got it new in July and it has had a teeny tiny leak since we got it and I always just wipe up the few little drips before Matt has a chance to see it.
Well, about a month ago, he happened to get a drop of water on his sock in the kitchen from the leaky dishwasher that I had not cleaned up yet and he was not happy. He wanted that honey fixed and I would rather not bother with the warranty and repairmen and just wipe it up. Well, the mess it made last night changed my mind. I called and someone will be here Wednesday between 8 and 5. Don't you just love that? 8 and 5!!!
Anyway, I don't want to chance a flood again so I guess I will do dishes like I used to do dishes until I was 27 years old. It is funny how pampered I have been with a dishwasher these past few years and not even realized it. Doing dishes the real way makes me feel a little humbled and that is a good thing every now and then. Actually, a few years ago our dishwasher completely died and I humbled myself for about 3 months before I decided that a new dishwasher was a good thing. What was I thinking??

Here is one of the latest projects completed. I started this table runner last summer for my mom and I finally delivered it to her last weekend. It is a fun little pattern and I am going to make one for me also. Oh, for those of you that left your opinion on the previous quilting project, I thank you very much. Your input was wonderful. I did go buy some sashing fabric earlier this week and I am so excited! It is not the color I was expecting to buy, but I think it will turnout pretty. I will post a picture soon. For me and quilting projects that means in the next 5 months. No, I have to get this one done before this baby arrives. Thanks again for your help with the project!

My dad made this table and the chairs for my mom a few years ago. Isn't he amazing?


Family of ARTISTS said...

Iknow what you mean on the dishes thing. Our dishwasher died back in the Summer, and we have been doing them by hand since. It's a good experience for the kids to have. They need to see how we did dishes growing up. Jayden does a great job of doing the dishes. That is her chore dishes and the kitchen. Yes I do still do the dishes occasionally. So when you have kids you already have a built in dishwasher. lol The table runner is beautiful.

Jenny said...

AMAZING! Does not fully describe your dad. HE IS TOTALLY AMAZING! I know a good repairman who works on dishwashers!!! I had no idea you should really try and talk to me when I call 75 times a day. JUST talk over my sewing questions I really don't mind.

Meliser said...

Cute table runner! You have totally inspired me to start quilting again. Sabbatical is over. I cleaned out my sewing room last week. And pulled out just three unfinished quilts to start on this week. I am booked solid until Friday--so that is when I will start my quilting week! BTW, the movie is Surf's Up. We have seen it at least 45 times in the last month. It is Kady's new favorite.

Tori said...

Love the quilt runner for mom!

Sorry about the diswasher. It seems like this kinda stuff happens to you when you are way pregnant! Remember the leaky sink in the girls bathroom when you were pregnant with Kendal?

Rachel said...

I forgot all about that dang sink and the horribly skinny vanity I had to fit in with a big bum and big tum tum!

Melisa, you are amazing, i can't wait to see your projects!

Amelia said...

Rachel, I love seeing all your quilting projects. I have one that I have been working on for about three years now. SO don't feel bad about yours that take a few months


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