Sunday, June 06, 2010

i love quilt guild

Our monthly quilt guild meeting was last week and I just loved it. We had an amazing lady named Jill Findley come up and talk to us about the family quilting projects and retreats she does for her family, and also show us some of the new patterns she just published. (Watch out cousins and aunts, I am inspired!) you should check out her site - she is truly inspiring. There are alot of pictures of the quilts she made with her nieces, sisters, and daughter in laws. They do some together, but many just through the mail!

It was a great night. I also received this cute cute cute magnetic board from the guild president for being on the retreat committee. It is undeserved, I really didn't help that much, but I love it and I am grateful.

I hung it inside one of my cupboards and I have put a few recipes that I want to make in the next few days on it and also my shopping list. I feel so organized! You can see by what is in my cupboard how UNORGANIZED I am!

I took the cot quilt I have been working on to guild meeting for Sew and Tell. Yesterday I unbasted it and added a layer of cotton batting to the already existing wool batt. I thought it needed some more warmth to it, since it really will be used by a soldier camping out. The boys got a little chilly at Camp Floyd, and as a lady of the times, I must do my duty to make the soldiers more comfortable!

We also exchanged our first round robin blocks. This Christmas block was sent home with me at the last meeting and I added the red and green striped border, and also the little tan and green striped border. This block belongs to Sally. I got to see my center block (a Civil War pattern) and the borders that were added - so fabulous! It looks so great. We keep passing around these blocks for 2 more months.

And finally . . . .
I started this quilt about this time last year with all intentions of finishing it for my sister's birthday in August. I forgot that I have Project ADD and can not seem to get something finished, so now it is almost finished and she can have it for this birthday. I gave it to the lady that is going to machine quilt it for me at our guild meeting. I can't wait to get it back and give it to my sister. By the way Tori, no surprises this year - sorry! But you will actually get something from me!

Kelsey is trying it out for size. It will just be a throw quilt, or it might fit on a twin bed. I will bind it in orange to match the flowers. Tori and her little family love ORANGE. It was a great night at quilt guild and I am feeling very "fabricy" now. Too bad my garden needs some attention. I am off to go paint the basement too - so little time!


Tori said...

Oh my goodness!

First off-- thank you thank you thank you! I love it!!

Second off-- you are one busy mama! wow!!

Third off-- your civil war stuff is infiltrating my dreams!!!

Amanda Lee said...

I am in love with that beautiful quilt, it's huge!! On behalf of our boys, thank you for you kind southern generosity. You must be a lady of means (sp?:)...that fabric was imported from Italy/France. I must say Miss Rachel if you need any of our local ladies to sit with you on your porch making cot quilts for our boys, please do let me know. It is our duty and obligation to support and fight for the cause. I will bring tea and biscuits for refreshments. Huzzah!!!!!!!

I have no life.......

Robert and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

Wow! How do you find the time to do all that you do? It's incredible! What beautiful quilts and energy you have!


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