Friday, June 25, 2010

snug little bugs

The girls and I slept out on the trampoline the other night. We moved the tramp into the backyard instead of the sideyard so it seemed a little more protected and it made me feel better! Anyway, we had a great time getting all the bedding ready.

The kids were just so cute and Emmitt was acting like a maniac! It makes me giggle when he gets so silly.

Matt took this picture from our bedroom window - screen and all. I got the "new" green sleeping bag I bought at the thrift store a month or so ago (it was only $4 - how can you pass up a bag for 4 bucks!). But I found out that green bag is not as warm as it looks. The girls were snug as little bugs and I was a bit chilly!

The girls were still asleep when I took this one. They are burrowed in so that beautiful 8:30 sun wouldn't wake them up! The girls slept out there again last night and they loved it.


mom said...

Ahhhh, looks like fun.
I remember sleeping on the trampoline once,, it was killing my back,,,and when it started raining, I was SO glad, because we could go in the house. I never did it again.

Tori said...

Oh, how I hate my train!!

It stops me from sleeping outside. I don't even open my windows in the summer during the night, cause the train horn is tooooooo loud!!

Maybe I need to have a sleepover....


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