Friday, June 04, 2010

Kendal said a few funny things yesterday. Well, I thought they were funny anyway.

One of the girls' jobs at our house is to empty the dryer and put the clothes on my bed. So yesterday I was ironing in the kitchen and I could tell that the washer was almost finished with its cycle.
me - "Kendal, go do the dryer job."
her - "I want a root beer float mom."
me - "Okay, I will get you one, but I need you to clean out the dryer while I finish ironing. THEN I will get you a root beer float."
her - "I don't want to."
me - "Then I guess I don't want to get you a root beer float."
her - "mommmmm"
me - "You do the dryer job, I will clean up my ironing mess, and then I will get you a root beer float."
her - (smiling) "The dryer is your job, you are the mom."
me - (stern look on my face) "dryer, now"
her - "okay" and trots off to do the dryer job

When Kelsey got home from school yesterday she was telling me about her day and Kendal loves to feel important too and usually interupts our conversation. This time she didn't. As Kelsey was telling me about recess or lunch or something, Kendal said to Emmitt "Emmitt. Come here bud." Emmitt walks over to Kendal. "Guess what buddy, I had a sweet dream last night." Kelsey and I looked at each other and laughed so hard. I collapsed on the floor laughing. She is such a funny little girl.


Tori said...

I know her little brain has so many more funny things to say! It is so nice that she can finally get them out!

Robert and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

That is too cute and funny! I love it!


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