Sunday, March 27, 2011

Civil War Spring Social

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Utah Civil War Association had a social and mini-conference on Saturday and it was wonderful. We learned about all kinds of womanly topics of the 1860s and had a great lunch. The fellas did some leather work and started making scabbards. The kids ran around, played tea time, and met new friends.

Scottie captured these pictures of my sweet Emmitt. He was so cute. I can not get over how darling he is all dressed up like 1862. I am glad I made him his little wool jacket, as it was a bit chilly and the kids of course wanted to be outside most of the day.

I did realize Saturday morning as I was getting the children dressed that I need to start making a few new items for the kids - they seem to have grown so much over the winter! Emmitt's gowns are much too short, Kendal' s and Kelsey's boots do not fit very well, Kendal had to wear a dress Kelsey wore last year but it fit pretty well, Kendal's chemise is now above her knee, Kelsey's stay is a bit snug, and so on and so forth. My kids are growing!

Kelsey made a new friend, Elizabeth. This was Elizabeth's first event and I think they hit it off well. I knew she was coming, so as I was making Kelsey's new cloak earlier in the week, I made one for Elizabeth also. They loved them, and they were needed on the chilly March day!

Jorden had a few super fun period games for the kids. They really enjoyed them. Amanda and Victoria are playing along here.

Here is my little crew. I was pretty happy with how the day turned out and how well they played with everyone. My only worry is that Kendal broke part of the pretty tea set that was brought for them to play with, but I think Kelsey would have let me know if that happened!

Kelsey and Elizabeth stayed busy climbing trees, making mud townships, and watching Emmitt. It was nice that there was a safe place for the kids to play while I learned all about period hats, knitting, side saddle riding, and gauging skirts.

Thank you Utah Civil War Association folks for a wonderful day!


Mom said...

It looks like a great day. Emmitt's coat, and the girls little cloaks were darling.

Amy said...

Well they all just look darling! :) What a beautiful family you have.

Jenn said...

I LOVE that first pic of you and your cuties.


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