Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Butterfly Garden

I signed up for a fun quilting class and attended it tonight. The quilt pattern required a layer cake and 1 yard of additional yardage. I have had this Butterfly Garden fabric collection layer cake for about a year and have been searching for the right project for it. I went to my local quilt shop yesterday and they still had some coordinating fabric in, so I bought an extra 2 yards instead of 1 so I can add a border.

A layer cake is a precut and prepackaged fabric bundle of 10 inch squares. I think there are usually 40 squares in a layer cake and they are all coordinating fabric from the same line, so they all match and go together.

So here is my layer cake, all splayed out, but of course I did not spread out all 40 pieces! The additional yardage I bought is one of the plum colors.

My neighbor and friend Debbie came with me to the class and she was my pinning and pressing slave. It was wonderful! I just sewed my little heart out. Here are the large blocks all layed out. The small plum square in the centers is a fun 3D thing - it is only attached at the side seams and is loose in the center. This bottom picture shows that you fold the sides of the square in to make curves. It looks so great and is going to be super fun.

Since I had Debbie's help, I got all my big blocks (19 1/2") made and layed out. I didn't bring the right color of thread to make my little 3D thingers into curves, so now I get to work on that at home. But that is okay, I got so much accomplished! It is going to be a fun little quilt when I get it completed. It was just nice to get out of the house for a few hours tonight!

You can purchase the pattern for this quilt at It is called Throw Me a Curve. My friend Deonn is the brains behind this quilt and is an amazing quilter. Thanks for a fun night Deonn and Debbie!


Anonymous said...

It was fun! I think it turned out great. Thanks for letting me play with you. Debbie

Mom said...

It looks like it will turn out great, you talented girl, you.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! You have great taste in colors too!


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