Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emmitt's civil war sacque coat

My blogging friend named Amy (A Day in 1862) whose link is over on the right has a pattern for an infant sacque coat on her blog that I have been wanting to make Emmitt. Since we have a little Utah Civil War Association get together this weekend and it is supposed to be chilly and windy, I made him a coat last night.
The above picture is the outside of the coat cut out and pinned. It is 100% olive greenish wool suiting my friend Jen bought as a remnant at my insistence. She gave it to me about a month ago when she was cleaning out our sewing closet! Thanks Jen!

The fabric I used as the lining is a hideously beautiful mustard yellow cotton print. I say hideously beautiful because it is just that - such an ugly color, but it is one of the very first civil war era reproduction fabrics I purchased so it is sentimental to me, and that makes it beautiful. I have tried to use it in all of the civil war quilts and projects I put together, but it never really quite works because it is such a wild color, so I figured a lining of a coat would be a good home for it.
Sorry about the bad pictures. The first 2 were taken last night in the dark with the flash, and the one below was taken this morning with real light.

I think it turned out pretty stinking cute. We will see how it works on Saturday and just how cute my little Emmitt looks in it! I think it actually took me longer to draft the pattern and cut out the fabric than it did for me to sew it up! Thanks Amy in Texas!


Amy said...

Yay! I can't wait to see how it looks on Emmit!

Anonymous said...

I had a professor in college that believed in wild linings for coats. You would make her proud! It turned out great. Debbie

Mom said...

It looks awesome. You will have to take a pic of him wearing the coat, and post it for us.

Tori said...

The line that just kills me is "I made him a coat last night"
I don't think I could put together a coat, even a little boy coat in a night let alone a week.
You truly amaze me!!!

Jenn said...

Wow, after all that has been going on in your life I thought things wouldn't be the same with you right now BUT it sounds like nothing has changed-- coats in a night, I think a while ago you did a quilt during a nap(or something like that). You seriously are Superwoman Rach! Haven't heard how the recovery is going-- hope he's doing really well and I hope you're not both going crazy with him home 24/7-- That's a tough pill to swallow for a working man, and a busy housemaker!


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