Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anasazi State Park

Last weekend me, my sweet kids, and my parents went to the Anasazi State Park in Boulder.  Kelsey is in 4th grade this year and so that means she is studying Utah History.  It was Fall Break, so we took the chance with the kids out of school for a few days to head south.  Kelsey was excited about going to the park, but I think she was just as excited to be with her grandparents. 

Kelsey and Emmitt inside the museum. 

The kids making rubbings of different pottery patterns.

This sign tells us that a village used to be right there in front of the sign.  Archaeologists have found remains of rock walls buried under the dirt and sagebrush.

Here are original Anasazi dwellings also.  They figure this group of Anasazi's only lived in this location for less than 100 years.  

Sweet Emmitt and his crazy smile for the camera.

Silly Kendal and her crazy smile.

They loved playing in the dwellings that were made recently by the Utah State Parks Division.

Kelsey's Anasazi Indian pose.

I can't keep this boy out of the dirt!

Kelsey is glad she doesn't have to grind corn for dinner!

We had a Subway sandwich picnic at the park and then we headed further south past Calf Creek Falls to play in the Escalante River.

My dad has spent quite a bit of time in this country for work.  He showed us some of the lines he has worked on and what poles he has had to replace numerous times!  Since he gets to play in the outback of The Grand Staircase National Monument, he knows where alot of interesting things are that most people don't know exist.

One of those is an old, Anasazi granary up in this rock face.  It is not quite half way up, and a little to the left.  It is hard to notice, because it is right along the river and there is so much else to see when you walk by this spot.  

Kelsey was adamant about climbing up to it just like the people that built it did, she is that little speck in the bottom right hand corner.  She didn't get too far, but I guarantee if we gave her enough time, she would have!
My dad showed us a few more little granaries, but Emmitt and Kendal only cared about playing in the cool, 
deliciously soft sand.

This spot was right under the bridge of Hwy 12 going over the Escalante River.  It was so cool and fun.  The sand was intoxicating.  I told my mom and dad that if I were a local teenager, I know where I would be every day in the summer to beat the desert heat!  

Emmitt was acting like a wild man in the sand.  It reminded me of the way Kelsey acted when we went to Mazatlan one time in December when she was almost two years old.  She could not get enough of the sand, and actually acted just a little crazy like she couldn't get enough of it.  Well, that is how Emmitt was acting.  My dad asked if he acted like this in our very own sandbox and I said "No way, the sand isn't as soft."  My dad laughed at that comment and said that sand was not either soft or hard, but I must say, that Escalante River sand was nice and soft!  Plus, the atmosphere was so very pretty!

Me and my boy.  Emmitt loved throwing rocks in the little creek, when I could get him away from the sand!

We had a great long weekend.  We spent Thursday and Friday with all the Crane cousins in Salina decorating Halloween cookies and playing hard.  Friday night we went over to my parents and spent all day playing with them on Saturday.  We got home late Saturday night and enjoyed every minute!


Krista said...

Sounds like a wonderful fall break. Glad the weather cooperated with you! It seemed like it snowed every time we had it growing up.

4Barb said...

Did you notice the fantastic collection of arrowheads? They were only a portion of the collection that belonged to Max Behunin that was donated by the family to Museum. He is Coral Chappell's grandfather. We were there when she and her brother gave a presentation on their life history.

Rachel said...

I didn't know Coral was a Behunin!! I did see those and they were amazing!!


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