Monday, October 17, 2011

Presley's Baptism

Last weekend my niece Presley was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We all went to the baptism and it was wonderful.  Afterward we headed to the firehouse for a delicious dinner.  Here are all the Chappell kid cousins, minus Waylon, but since he is in high school now, it seems like he is one of the adults!  On top is Kaitlyn (Presley's friend), Taylor, Kelsey, and Presley.  On the bottom with silly faces are Brogan, Kendal, and Emmitt. 

My brother Glen took all the kids on a fire engine ride. They all thought is was the coolest thing ever!

Brogan was the cutest.  He is at the perfect age to truly appreciate a fire engine ride!

My brother Glen works for the USDA Forest Service as an Assistant Fire Management Officer.  He has worked for the Forest Service doing fire for 21 years I think.  WOW, that seems like a really long time.  Anyway, not only does he fight wildland and forest fires, he is also on the local fire department.  Fire is in that fella's blood.  Really, he lives for fire.  It makes him happy and he is good at it, so there is a perfect combination.

This picture was taken on their way back into the fire station  - all smiles and giggles!

Here is my sweet and wonderful brother in law Jared, little baby Brig, Emmitt, and Brogan.  What a handsome bunch of boys!  We are used to mostly girls in the family, so now that we are getting a few boys, it will turn from dress ups to Tonka trucks when we all get together.

The rest of the pictures are just silly ones.  I wanted my mom to take a few pictures of Tori, Glen, and me all together.  This is what happened.

Tori is reminding Glen how he used to spread his legs as wide as possible when we used to ride in the car together - all 3 of us in the back seat.  Tori and I used to get so mad at him for hogging all the room.  Funny how much we loved to bicker and torture each other back then!  It made my mom crazy.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal at the time (all the bickering) but now that I am a mom I realize how crazy it makes mothers to hear their kids quarreling!  My mom used to tell us when Mother's Day was coming up and we would ask her what she wanted "Just a day without you kids fighting."  I used to think that was the dumbest thing I had ever heard.  First of all, we were not "fighting", just arguing, and second of all, why not want a REAL present?  The older I get the more like my mother I become, and I that is seriously GROOVY, but I think that will also be my answer to my kids when they ask me what I want for Mother's Day!

Here we were comparing leg length.  Tori totally beat all of us, including my dad.  We were measuring the length of the femur, and Tori's is definitely the longest!

This is my sweet little family.  My parents, and my siblings (nice face Glen - screw up the whole picture would you!) and me.  I love them very much and I love it when we get to be together.  It was a fun day in South Central Utah with family to celebrate Presley's big day.

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